Meditation is an act of controlling your body, soul, and mind where a person can use a technique of focusing on a particular object. For this thing, you must train yourself for awareness, attention and need to achieve emotionally calm, and mentally clear in a stable state. Many scholars in the world have found Meditation difficult to explain and they vary accordingly to the traditions of different people. Meditation has been practiced by the people from a very long time ago, since antiquity in various religious traditions. It is a kind of path towards the path of self-realization, enlightenment. In the past times there also some records of meditation which is known as ‘Dhyan’. Dhyan is originated from the Hindu traditions of Vedantism. In the 19th century meditative of Asian techniques used to flourish all over the world within different cultures. They even also found some techniques of non-spiritual contexts in the daily life of health and business.  

Meditation is a way of reducing complete stress, Depression, pain, and anxiety with the increase of peace, self-concept, perception and well being. Meditation has also researched the possibility of health such as Neurological, psychological and cardiovascular with various other effects.

Osho Meditation concept

Osho represents a whole revolution in this world by making awareness, meditation, consciousness, and Mindfulness. In the factual thing, it is a simple proposition by turning up our life that is available in some kind of contemporary. 

His understanding of the world has come to known and modern people also try to stay quiet as it is also widely recommended by Osho. After all, they will definitely get some kind of madness within yourself. The perception is also accepted by the scientist’s studies and they also confirmed the ill effects of people who have been suffered ongoing silent retreats in the world. Osho also explains it clear that people don’t go crazy by doing meditation. Because they are not only doing meditation by silent sitting with various kinds of sufficient sincerely. When we move our complete body as madly to take out whole accumulated tensions and stress then the discovery of silent has come on effect. 

Once we get the right way of seeing within body, mind and then the soul, with the help of our inner feelings and thought. This must be continued in our daily life to be better in Meditation. Whatever comes in your mind is the happening of the meditative experience. You will sit silently and need to work or do whatever silently whenever you are with different people. It is already in your hands how to manage this situation.

As we know already how to stand by the other side of the road and see the traffic flow past, the pint is like just talking about the same ability that we all have and made applying to the various traffic on the inside place.

Osho explains 

A meditator doesn’t need any person to guide about meditation so that he or she will know according to their own curiosity and knowledge. A meditator on a contrary needs just one thing the place or an environment whose atmosphere is okay for meditating.

And of course, if he is being surrounded by the meditator then it will be very wonderful to do meditation. It is because whatever will go on happening something us all of the people is not only with them and it will definitely affect the people who are of course close by.  In such kind is communication people are even at different stages of meditation. To meditate you need to sit with these people, just you need to make the environment silently with various of these people and it will be pulled us towards own of our potentiality.                                  

How to meditate?

Osho says the main key to meditation is to learn how to sit silently or remain unoccupied which is despite what you exactly think of with a lot of courage. 

Osho says When most of the people ask me “how to do meditation? He explains to them that there is no anything to ask about How to do meditation, Just you need to ask how to remain unoccupied? Mediation is a very complex thing that will ultimately happen on any of the people spontaneously. First, you need to remain just unoccupied, that is what you exactly need to do. This is, of course, a very initiative trick of meditation that you need to follow every day. Then you even cannot do anything you like to do. This is a kind of thing said as a flower which is meditation.

when you are not even doing a single thing a keep yourself silently then all the energy inside you move towards the center and it will also down towards the center of the mind. You should do something that your whole energy moves out of you. Doing such an act of moving out of them and non-doing such an act is a way of moving out of that energy.  There is also not a difference between secular occupation and religious occupation all those of the occupations you do is your occupation. These are excuses which are the main thing to be outside.

Man is totally Blind and Arrogant said by Osho, and he also wanted to be blind and ignorant because you need to come towards look like chaos. And it is definitely you have made Chaos inside you.