Founder Story

Dev Raj Bajgain aka David (Founder)

Dev Raj Bajgain, also known as ‘David’, was born in Kavre Palanchowk, Nepal. He began his career in 2012 as a travel guide, where his first group of tourists were from Hong Kong, and he took them on a trek to Poon Hill. Growing up amidst the natural beauty of his hometown, he developed a passion for exploring Nepal’s natural and cultural treasures while rediscovering his love for travel.

Dev Raj is a member of the Lions Club of Shree Krishna Pranavi, which works towards helping underprivileged people. He believes in using tourism as a way to promote Nepal internationally and boost the local economy. With over 500 happy tourists, he has excellent communication skills, being fluent in five languages: English, Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, and Nepali. His friendly personality has impressed many, and he ensures efficient communication, leaving no room for complaints.

Moreover, Dev Raj’s volunteer spirit extends beyond his professional life. He volunteers at Nepal Matri Griha, an organization that supports underprivileged children to have access to quality health and education facilities.