Volunteer Tourism

As the name suggests itself, volunteer tourism is a practice where a tourist in vacation aids in making a positive impact on various targeted projects and relief activities.  Also known as “Voluntourism”, the concept revolves around the goal to help a particular group of people or a sector that is going through a certain form of issue. Nepal, being a developing country, most of the villages and remote areas are still underdeveloped. The absence of proper education, drinking water, health services, and other facilities have long refrained these areas to fulfill their potential. While many catalysts are responsible for such cause, it is a moral duty of ours to help those in need. The mega-earthquake in 2015 only added fuel to fire; resulting in great loss of lives and property. Volunteer Tourism with Nepal Alibaba Treks helps you travel with a cause. Any contribution you can provide as a visitor and a volunteer is sure to help the communities in need. Be it educating farmers of helping to build houses, you can explore your limits to help the disadvantaged communities in Nepal on a volunteer tourism package.What to Expect?Key activities: While Nepal offers immense prospects in terms of tourism, you can always find humanitarian purposes to give your travel a greater meaning. Be it sanitation related issues of woman empowerment, engage in the betterment of a remote society while also relishing the sights of awe-inspiring sceneries. Voluntourism is the best way to step forward and contribute to the rebuilding of this Himalayan nation.