Manaslu Circuit Trek

manaslu circuit trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek is one of the remarkable likelihoods to explore and encounter an intact district of Nepal. Manaslu Circuit Trek is an inexpensive tea house trek that compromises you with a glimpse of adventurous vegetation and residing miraculous cultures in Nepal. The local inhabitants and their cultures and traditions are also major attractions of Manaslu Circuit Trek. The additional major features of Manaslu Circuit Trek are that the Manaslu is the virgin territory, where just a pair of trekkers have been seen yearly. However, Manaslu Circuit Trek is achieving more popularity rapidly. In recent years, Manaslu Circuit Trek has perceived more stream of adventurous trekkers coming to this domicile. The challenges and enthralling scenarios you get through this trek are a must-see for any trekker, looking for a never seen before experience.

Manaslu Circuit Trek is mainly eminent as a solitary trek with a fixed prerequisite of having at least 2 people. So at least 2 people would be there at the prior phase. It will aid a lot in accommodation and taking permits too. Outstanding Nepalese-styled houses and hotels accommodating different amenities may fascinate you to pass time there as well. Nevertheless, you can also pass nights in tents/camps and enjoy the naturally Nepal under billions of stars. Looking after the title, the name Manaslu means “The Spirit Mountain”. Mount Manaslu is one of the mountains exceeding the height of 8000m towering with an elevation of 8,163m.


Tag Tag 01: Ankunft in Kathmandu (1300 m)
Tag Tag 02: Genehmigungsverfahren für Sperrgebiete
Tag Tag 03: Fahrt von Kathmandu zum Arughat Bazar (608 m) und Wanderung nach Soti Khola (700 m)
Tag Tag 04: Wanderung von Soti Khola nach Machha Khola (869 m)
Tag Tag 05: Wanderung von Machha Khola nach Jagat (1300 m)
Tag Tag 06: Wanderung von Jagat nach Deng (1860 m)
Tag Tag 07: Wanderung von Deng nach Namrung (2630 m)
Tag Tag 08: Wanderung von Namrung nach Sama Gaon (3320 m)
Tag Tag 09: Wanderung zum Manaslu Base Camp (4400m)
Tag Tag 10: Wanderung von Sama Gaon nach Samdo (3690 m)
Tag Tag 11: Wanderung von Samdo nach Dharamsala (4460 m)
Tag Tag 12: Wanderung von Dharamsala nach Bimthang (3590 m) über den Larkya La Pass (5160 m)
Tag Tag 13: Wanderung von Bimthang nach Tilije (2300 m)
Tag Tag 14: Wanderung von Tilije nach Tal (1680 m)
Tag Tag 15: Wanderung von Tal nach Syange (1150 m)
Tag Tag 16: Fahrt von Syange nach Kathmandu mit einem privaten Fahrzeug
Tag Tag 17: Abfahrt von Kathmandu

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Manaslu Circuit Trek
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