Why Us

Nepal Alibaba Treks and Tours Pvt. Ltd. fundamentally works on the basis of not just providing a satisfactory level of service but instead exceeding our customers’ experience and redefining the standards for a travel company. Our main goal is to provide the best suited options of trekking, touring, and expeditions to our clients and making their journey in Nepal a comfortable and memorable one. In this competitive era of the tourism industry, we strive to stand out not just for economic benefits but to bring a positive change in society and help the community. What sets us apart are our primary focus on the following:

Best available service at an affordable rate

What stops our clients from enjoying their trips at the fullest is their worry for the trip budget and its management. To offer you one of the best available trip options is our responsibility while to make it affordable and budget friendly is our duty. We can efficiently manage a trip plan for you without having you to compromise your budget and still get the sheer amount of satisfaction from it.

Highly Experienced and Supportive Staffs

From the front desk to the confirmation of your trip, our skilled team will take care of your needs by making it our priority. We intend to create an environment for our clients to feel comfortable in a new space and help them adjust to our hospitality. Always looking for your best interests, we value your eagerness to learn and therefore provide the most authentic and real time information on the trips with updated knowledge.

Proficient Guides

Without limiting ourselves to good customer service, our guides are a cheerful bunch of good-willed people who are equally experienced and trained in their work. Having a great command in international languages, our guides are very good at communicating with people from various countries and speaking different languages.

All Round 24/7 Support during Trips

Worried about being neglected during the trip? Putting our clients and their needs are our protocols to consequently adjust and help them at any time. We have guaranteed you full support so we will gladly be at your times of need—be it for information or queries. Throughout your trip, we will be in touch with you and always keep our lines on in case you would ever need our support.

Local Helpers

For any trips to any region, we try our best to get the locals to help us in order to get the details of the destination and also promote local business. This is a part of our relationship with our roots and communities and our duty to serve the nation through tourism. Moreover, the quality of the trips is ascended multiple-folds by an introduction of locals who can help us have more authenticity to the trips.

Customer’s Feedbacks

No matter what, in the end, it is the customer’s right to give us feedback in our efforts to grow. We thank their kindness in choosing us and praising our work. We also make great efforts to bring positive changes through constructive criticism. At any time and place, our customers are our priority. Therefore, we take their comfort and satisfaction very seriously.