1. Janakpur

Janakpur is located in the Terai region or in the south-central of Nepal. Janakpur has already gone through a wonderful history in the past. The millennia-old Janakpur was once a kingdom Called Mithila, Indian kingdom. The most interesting culture of Mithila is Mithili still thrives in this place for a long time. This is also a holy place of Hindu religion that has heartfelt emotion with Nepalese. Hindus all over the world believe that Lord Rama weds Sita also known as Janaki. In the same way, thousands of travelers and prayers traveled this place every year to celebrate the missing anniversary of Rama and Sita.

The Janaki Mandir is also in the process of enlisting in the UNESCO World Heritage site. This place is built with 60 rooms and three-story construction. This is the massive beautiful temple built in the 19th century with a marble structure.  This also the largest temple in the built-in 19th century in Nepal. Janakpur is also well known for more than 100 sacred ponds and pools that are scattered around the boundary of a tranquil.

2. Chitwan

Chitwan is ultimately a most interesting place for the traveler, especially who loves to enjoy in a natural greenery environment. This is one of the best destinations in Asia from seeing wildlife from near through your naked eyes. This is the place that is enlisted in the UNESCO world heritage site. Chitwan National park was established in 1973, at that time the name of the Chitwan National park is Royal Chitwan National park.

The national park in the south-central offers you variations rare birds and wild plants and animals, many endangered species which are on the verge of extinction. The most important thing that you do not have to miss while moving to Chitwan is one horn Rhino. As already mentioned you can get a close-up view of exotic wildlife like leopards, rhinoceros, Indian bison, elephants, and sloth bear. This is the most important thing you need you to see in the park. 

3. Bhaktapur

Bhaktapur Durbar Square is also a world heritage site enlisted by UNESCO. Among the ancient capitals in the valley of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur beautifully exists with the least damages during the earthquake of 2015. Fortunately, In this city temples and shrines, are the most interesting attractions of a place that is completely called the city of Devotes, which escaped unscathed.

This place is less hustle and crowded than the capital. In the Bhaktapur district, you will be offered a leisurely walk throughout the various small winding streets,  medieval squares, and pedestrian-only here. This city offers a 55 Windows palace, cultural values and norms and 15th century made Art and architecture galley.

4. Kathmandu

Kathmandu itself the capital city of Nepal form many years ago. This place also represents the bold significance of cultural and historical importance to the world. Kathmandu is ultimately a transit point or an initial point to start your wild and adventurous journey in Nepal. This is because of all of the flight that comes from overseas land here in the city airport TIA. More than 1 million people only live in Nepal as it is already crowded. It is also a place chaotic mix with a variety of shops of tourists.

Many trekking agencies are here, restaurants, artisan shops, hotels, bars, pubs, and religious sites in Kathmandu. The city that has the world heritage site called Hanuman Dhoka or Kathmandu Durbar Square is still continuing the damage work. The place is also hit by a massive earthquake in 2015. The major places that need to be visited while you are in Kathmandu are Boudhanath Stupa, Swyambhunath, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Pashupatinath Temple, and finally shopping in Thamel.

5. Patan

Patan is a cultural and religious site in Nepal. If you are really interested in the culture and lives of people then you are in the right place to observe such a thing. It is also situated across the holy river in Nepal, Bagmati from Kathmandu city. This place is also well known for the varieties of artisans’ product that shows the stunning beauty of Newari culture and traditions. This place is built in the time of 17th century various courtyards, palaces, and temples which are also a major attractions of as the place.

With all the varieties of gilded spires and multi-columned, and the recently stored a little time Krishan temple taht strikes particularly. As it has been stored in the Sundari chowk, this is a courtyard that elaborately carved Sunken bathing taken at the centerpiece. This is the place where you can buy beautiful handmade products like silk saris, pashmina shawl, etc.

6. Annapurna circuit

Annapurna circuit trek is located in the northwest of Nepal that offers the hikers to do an outdoor experience. The landscapes of the Annapurna region are outstanding which leads us to the classic trek in this region. This type of classic trek will lead to the journey of the Himalayas with its amazing significance. The plunging gorges, lush subtropical valleys, desertic plateaus,  that are dotted by terraced farms.

This place passes by various quaint villages and religious sites. Starting our travel from the east of Pokhara. The treks to this region take about the journey of three weeks. The trekker in this region of a country walks half away by flying out at the airport of Jomsom. This trek takes about 8 to 12 days to be ain this destination.

7. Khumbu

Every year thousands of travelers visit the Khumbu region of Nepal. To get an amazing experience in life they visit this region. The popular trek that comes in mind in Khumbu is the Everest base camp trek. This region of Everest is located in the northeastern part of Nepal. The journey of this country begins at the Lukla airstrip. This place will show you a clear double lane route that eventually leads us to the Base camp of Everest.

In the Khumbu region of a country, you can see the world heritage site enlisted by UNESCO. Here you can experience the variations of flora and fauna. Including the natural birds, wild animals are found in this park. Khumbu also consists of Sherpa village and provides us the warm hospitality by providing delicious food in this region.

8. Lumbini

Lumbini is the birthplace, Lord Gautam Buddha. Lumbini is the holy place of Buddhists and anyone can feel the sense of spirituality. There is also a Maya Devi temp located at the Lumbini. Maya Devi was the mother of Lord Gautama Buddha. There are also many archeological findings that help to prove Buddha was born in Nepal that is found around the time of 550 BC.

This is a legendary site that helps to attract many scientists, Scholars, motivators, spiritual beings, and many visitors around the world. There is also a set of center constructed by a Japanese architect with Kenzo Tange, is the complex that features the Multiple buddha monasteries, Meditation centers, cultural facilities, and sacred ponds.

9. Nagarkot

A perfect place for perfect views of the majestic mountains and the beauty of green lush jungles. The traveler who wants to see the jungles, beauty of majestic Himalayas without having an arduous physical activity. Nagarkot is always best for the view near the capital city Kathmandu to see the beauty of the mountain.

Lies in the northeast of the Bhaktapur district and a village having around the populations of 4,500 inhabitants helps us to commands the view of eight mountains. There you can get very warm hospitality with good accommodation facilities. There are also appealing hotels in low and high price range as your wish in Nagarkot. There is also a view tower to see the around valley and villages with green plains of Bhaktapur. Best place to see the sunrise and sunset from the hill of Nagarkot in this destination of country.

10. Pokhara

Pokhara is situated in the west part of a country. It takes about 8 hours drive from the capital city Kathmandu. It is 200km away from the main city. Pokhara is a beautiful city in terms of tourist attraction that is filled with natural beauty. You will get a chance to enjoy here by sightseeing in the main city and in the hill stations such as Sarangkot, World Peace Pagoda stupa on top of the hill.

If you are adventure loving person then you can do Paragliding from Sarang Kot, Bungee Jumping, Boating, Hot-air Ballooning, etc. There is the places that must be visited are Mahendra cave which is also called “Chamero Gufa”, Davi’s Fall, etc., and so on. Pokhara is not only famous for sightseeing but always leads to the most dramatic destinations in the world. Those places like the Annapurna circuit trek.