Are you looking for a new momo place to try? Maybe you’re in Kathmandu already and want to try some new ones. If so, you came to the right place. We’ve put together a list of 10 best momo places in Kathmandu that are worth checking out. That’s right – no matter where you are, there’s a place nearby to satisfy your craving for Nepali momos!

Shandar Momo

If you are starving and want a quick service of tasty momo, you can go to Basantapur and make a small bee type of line for delivery at Shandar momo house. The momo house is opposite Suraj Arcade, a tiny shop. This place is on of the 10 best momo places in Kathmandu.

There is also no setting arrangement, so you should stand on your own feet. They will provide you with a Tapari full of warm and perfect smell full momos.

The Ghangri Café

The Ghangri Cafe is also a famous momo place in Kathmandu valley. The location of open momos located at Jhamsikhel is quite popular. The serving style of this place is with three kinds of Achar or Chutneys (pickle), which also includes mint Chutneys and peanuts.

The momo is dumplings and is not folded as regular momos, but they fold it partially so that the fillings are complete, including visible in four compartments. Finally, it would be best if you dripped some chutneys of your flavor over the dumplings of momo fillings. You can eat and make your new momo experience with delicious chaos made up of various flavors.

The Societe Lounge Bar

If you are a momo lover and want to try various forms of momo then we will surely recommend a pasta momo at the Societe Lounge Bar. This staggering place is allocated in the Hattisar, which is easy. The best momo in this Lounge Bar will bring you the best quality of the world’s best pasta and momo together.

This momo will be served on a plate and is covered with pasta. Try some spoonfuls of momo and pasta at the same time. This will be the best combination which is simply luscious. We recommend you eat hot and add chutney or as you like other sauces like tomato Ketchup.

Royal Saino Restaurant and Bar

Royal Saino Restaurant and Bar is a place especially famous for serving momo. Don’t you just love the momo served on platters? The steamed, chill, fried, and Kothey momo on a single plate. The momo is absolutely Yummy!

The platter of momo at Royal Saino is located at a famous place in Kathmandu, Durbar Marg. It is a favorite place for most people inside the valley and outside here too. The momo is served in fourteen pieces, and you can eat it by filling Chutneys on momos.

If you want to taste the vegetarian platter of momos, you will be served with mushroom, peanut paneer fillings, and garlic cheese chill.

Bagmati Sweets

The other momo place in Kathmandu Valley is Bagmati sweets. We want to ask you, ” Have you ever tasted Bagmati sweets momos yet?” If not, we surely recommend this momo and try it once when you are in Kathmandu.

This momo place is located at Tripureshwor, Kathmandu, and is also stuffed with a nice helping of paneer. This is delicious as well. After that, you need to add Tomato Achar (pickle) over momos, which will quickly absorb. The taste of your taste buds will genuinely rejoice and enjoy the flavor of momos.

Both momo and soup are served as fresh as you want, and they are kept inside a bottle which is found just at the right amount of hot. This may also remind you of your own mother’s food which is made at home. Okay, you must visit the small shop between 11:30 AM and 2 PM.

Indreni Food Land

Indreni Food Land is especially reputed for Poleko momo. This is an entirely new taste for the people who have been eating steam momo for a long time. Now, this is something different for the tourists also. The momos are served in golden brown and crispy with less oily than other types of deep fries. This mom can be tasted at Indreni Food Land, New Baneshwor.

Dharahara ko momo

Momo is absolutely one of the best foods and is also popular in Nepal. Talking about the momos of Dharara, it is the most delicious and will absolutely come back for the second order. The flavor and spice are the most amazing about Dharahara Momo.

Some of the ingredients they mostly add are peanuts to the usual ones, making more delicious momos. They will provide you with quick service. The process is to buy a coupon from the coupon desk and move to where momos are made. You can even observe the whole process of how it is made and served by the people.

In the same way, you should grab tapari which is made traditionally, and scoop a kind of dollop of tasty soup over the momos. And you have to eat with the help of a toothpick which is different from other eating places. You may also get a spoon if you want to.

This solace is primarily prevalent for veg momo, and everyone can eat it, so many people visit this place for eating. The last bit of sauce is so spicy and tasty, which adds a new flavor and taste to momo, and don’t forget to have it at last.

GG Machaan

GG Machaan is famous for the momo made with different styles and is covered inside a Jhol momo. This is wonderful and good to have in the winter evenings. The tangy soup tastes like coriander, and you will also get a slightly wonderful flavor of peanuts.

It can be one of the perfect combinations for the dumplings cooked to almost perfection. There are various forms of momos, like buff momo, veg momo, and chicken momo in GG Machaan.

Momo Magic

Momo magic has always been one of the best places in Kathmandu. Loyal types of customers always move back to the restaurant in the place called Maharajgunj again and again. This place is especially famous for students and the reunion of friends and enjoys eating momos. Mixing the yummy chutney and momo will make the momos more delicious.

Momo Mantra

There is a place called Momo Mantra, which serves with a variety of momos. There you can have Thakali-style mutton momos, pork momo, and cheese momos. Apart from buff momo and chicken momo, those momos are served in a new form.

There are two branches of this momo shop which are located in Mid-Baneshwar and also in Kamaladi. So this place can result in accessibility and go for having wherever you want.

Final Words

So, before setting out to hunt those wonderful momos with hazardous levels of awesomeness, remember to pack your appetite, not the camera, and enjoy the hell out of those scrumptious huddles of delight. Be sure to visit our 10 Best Momo Places in Kathmandu article for more mouth-watering descriptions and details on areas to get these delicious delights that make life worth living.