The Annapurna circuit trek is the most stunning, exquisite life-changing experience that can be done during your lives in Nepal. This is not only the trekking destination but also the places which teach us about the significance of beauty of nature. 

Taking a slight journey from the world’s highest mountains and variation of diversity among climatic zones from the destination of tropical climate to the freezing alpine peaks. The days mostly intensive that need to be spent with the help of your on foot. You will be enjoying the most dedicated hospitality of the Nepalese people and their various quint in the Himalayan region. The most inspiring and challenging 16 days trip to the Annapurna circuit trail in Nepal. You will also encounter the sacred beauty of panoramic himalayas in the Annapurna region of the country.

We will be discussing and providing information about the trip about the organizing process of permit to altitude sickness prevention and accommodation facilities of this region. For the trip or a journey, there must be a proper level of understanding, knowledge, and planning before taking any steps to the execution in the Annapurna region of the country. 

The required time that takes for the trek to the Annapurna circuit is about 12 to 21 days as per your limitation. This route started from the Himalayan foothills at lush green jungles. You will be at the top of the 5,416m above sea level in Thorong La Pass. In the same way, you will be down to the Tibetian Influenced temples that are located in the valley of Mustang.

If you want to have a wild experience of the Himalayan foothills in Nepal Annapurna base camp trek comes in the second position after Everest base camp trek. This is quite comfortable than the Everest region trek but not that much easy. At the before times the circuit trek is really tough due to the condition of the unpredictable weather and high altitude in the region of Annapurna Himalayan range. In the same crossing through the Throng la pass looks quite extraordinary and dangerous task particularly it happens due to the lack of physical fitness and well preparation. 

So we have given some detail information or the essential things that should be known by each individual before making a trip to Annapurna Circuit.

Some trip Facts of the Annapurna circuit

Before planning for trekking to the Annapurna massif circuit something you should really learn to know about this trip is the process of planning required for the whole trek. Here are some quick facts about the trek in the Annapurna trek.

  • Length of the trek: about 16 to 20 days
  • Location: In central Nepal
  • Height of Annapurna: 8091m above sea level
  • The highest point of the trek: Thorong La Pass 17,769 ft or 5416m above sea level

Suitable time for the Annapurna Circuit trek

Hiking in Nepal is so much popular these days and can be conducted whenever you like to travel to any destination of Annapurna. Particularly in the Monsoon time period there you may find a massive impact on where and how you can manage to Hike in this destination of the country.

The special time to make a hiking program in the circuit of Annapurna is taken as a month of October and in early December and in the time of late February in April.

This time and month are so much suitable for the trek and while you move in these times which may risk you already in the Throng La Pass which is being totally snowed under likewise during the 2014 Nepal blizzard disaster or in the heavy monsoon rains dangerous situation and causing slippery.

This is the most important to know about the trek that starts at the end of Feb to March and we can feel the weather condition of the surroundings pretty much perfect, hot and balmy on the crisp and lower sections with all the light snow that are seen in the higher levels and the pass in this region.

Good Fitness level is required for the trek to Annapurna circuit

Trekking to the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal you don’t need as much as fitness needed for the Marathon. But we recommend you to have a daily little exercise in the gym as a preparation for the trek in the Annapurna region.

There will be the schedule of activities as a preplan for a trek to this region about 5 to 6 Hrs and 10 to 14 km having plenty of rest and also have a long lunch break during a few days in between trek.

On the other hand, In some time of the trek, there may also involve about 16 hours which need to be the high altitude that starts form the 4 am. The next day can be over the 20kms from the Nepalese flats which are also called aka rolling hills or the snow in that place.

It is also necessary to get used to the boots day by day of after day so that there will be no problem during the trek. So it is definitely necessary to have some walking habits for a long time to trek in the  Annapurna region of the country. 

Eat Sufficiently and care your body

The food and better hospitality you can experience in the different teahouses during the time of trekking activities in Annapurna Circuit trek. During the time of trek in every evening, you will be delighted and get a chance to experience the roaring fire and tuck a plate of Dal Bhat Tarkari. It is a kind of Nepal traditional food made up of lentils, Pickle, Vegetable curry and Nepali meal of rice.

When you experience the Nepali traditional meal you will be very grateful and very filling due to the delicious taste of the food made by the local people in this region. After this, you should wake and ready for walking the trail to the designed destination. There is also variation in the offerings teahouses to teahouses and guesthouses to guesthouses that include a local remedy for the altitude sickness, garlic soup and something like much better than it sounds. 

A course of apple pie, fried potatoes, spaghetti with the vegetables which is in Annapurna Circuit’s dessert of choice due to the help of the apple orchards that grows each and every place of the villages during the time of trekking. For some kinds of snacks, we recommend you to have in Kathmandu as the cost of various items like bars of chocolate which can be very high in price in the trekking destination.

Take slow, Enjoy and always Positive during Trekking

Trekking or traveling is automatically taking a challenge, pushing yourself towards risk and adventure in so many ways for the Annapurna circuit in the country. At the time this trek comes in the difficult one and incredibly enjoyable trekking journey which can be done and completed by the people of any ages and quite good fitness levels. Staying positive for a long time is needed for the trek to enjoy the fullest. Even at the times when you are craving a hot shower,  body aches, the most important tool for the calmness is staying positively at all times.

You will be exploring the most stunning panoramic views of Himalayan that helps you to remember actually pushing yourself to the highest limit. It is ultimately one of the incredible views with the sense of wonderful hospitality of the local people with the company of the trekking buddies that helps you to remember the journey for the rest of your life. 

Always have a way to purify water

Plastic is definitely a big issue in the trekking trails of Annapurna and various other regions of the country. There is a lack of Disposal knowledge and a system of waste in this region of the country. These plastic wastes are left around the mountainsides that are cluttered with the discarded bottles of plastic. This is really bad impacts on the natural areas of the country that always strikes the mind. You can’t drink the direct water in Nepal because of the lack of purity in this region. This is a recommendation for you to drink a lot of water for the walking activities and to be less dehydrated at high altitude. 

You must use the reusable water bottles which are also good for health in the capital. Along the trail, you may also find many of the villages providing you pure drinking water stations. Here only you can get a chance to fetch or refill the water bottle as much as you can. This will really help during the trek. It is because of the price of the water bottle which is high in price. You can even buy different marketed water purification techniques such as  Steripen or different sodas tablets for having purified water. During the evening time, you can get to drink pot water, hot water or tea which you get a chance to fill up on the water bottle during Annapurna circuit trek. 

Better not to run out of Cash

It is very important to carry some amount of cash within yourself during the time of trekking in such a region. When you leave the place called Besisahar then there is no access to ATM service on the Annapurna circuit route until we reach the place of Jomsom after all at Throng La Pass. So this is more important to carry some cash whatever you need to carry in your journey. In the lowlands of places, the drinks and foods look somehow Cheaper and when you significantly reach the altitude level there is more expensive than you expected.

In the capital city,  Daal Bhat costs about Rs. 200 and significantly more expensive to Rs 800 in the altitude region above 3,500m. Western foods such as Pasta, Burritos, and burgers such as foods can also be in the trails and tends to be so much expensive. 

Prepare for the stunning Thorang La Pass

One of the toughest and exciting things you do in the Annapurna circuit trek is crossing Throng La Pass and this passes trek can be the hardest trek in your whole lifetime. This place provides us walking before the rays of sunlight and going through the narrow ridges with lots of thick snow around. 

Finally, reach the prayer flags by continuously walking for the hours on the pass, you will be breathless and completely relived. Maybe it was not good how we sell such products but one of the most essential thing that should be prepared is for the days, which really help ton the one of the fitness hikers to cross such pass easily.

It is also more important to wear comfortable and warm clothes with acclimatized that will enough to ensure us during the trek. Making the most stunning place in a country to the place of Throng  La pass is completely different experiences in life. Once you made up to the Top then you have to descend for the Muktinath for about 1,600m. There is also a hot shower in this place which will help to witness such a thing in life. 

Always show respect towards local culture

Nepalese is the cultural society and the whole community believes their god. You may be wondering that Nepal is only for the trekking and tour destination in the world but here is the cultural trail and it is your responsibility to respect each cultural area of Nepal. 

Before going for trekking in such a region of a country always do research something about the people’s beliefs, cultural ethics so that it will help you to be more respectful towards their own cultural and followings. When you will be such a destination try to speak up with the people for the comforts and good attachment leads the trekking more enjoyable and thrilling. THee you may see varieties of Gompas, Teahouses, and temples that made the place like heaven. 

Don’t underestimate the altitude

This could be one of the biggest issues while trekking such a region of the country. But take it easy not to have on the altitude level. There is a possibility of having an altitude sickness above the region of 2,500m above sea level. There is no matter either you are fit or unfit. It is the slightest process that can happen slowly to anyone we have never expected and goes on randomly. 

You can care for it because we all know that prevention is better than cure so have an altitude medication, Diamox and so on. There is another thing trek easily and make slow walking with a lot of water drinking and try to listen to your body, mind, and soul. Before you make all of these trip activities, you are always suggested to research all about the symptoms of altitude sickness which you can aware of the people while having a trek in such an altitude region. 

There no problem that your agency will suggest a qualified guide to take you to the circuit. This knowledgeable guide always helps us during difficulty. Reaching over the circuit of Annapurna over 5,000 m above sea level which looks seriously high and al, most everyone can have mild symptoms of the difficulty in sleeping and mild headache. 

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