Trip Facts

  • Required time:18 days
  • Difficulty level: Moderate
  • District: Dolakha
  • Best Season: September to November mid and March to May
  • Some Attraction: panoramic snow covered soaring high Himalayan peaks, terrace farmlands, Tsho Rolpa Ice Lake majority of Sherpa people and their own traditional culture,  beautiful and scenic Bedding and Naa Village, a historical place in Dolakha Bazar.
  • Max Altitude: 4,580 m

Tsho Rolpa is located in the Dolakha district of Nepal. It is one of the biggest Glacier Lake that goes under the conservation project of the Gaurishankar Conservation Area Project (GCAP). In the same way, all the management work is completely done by the National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC). Talking about the Tsho Rola, in the local language of Sherpa Tsho is lake and Rolpa means Rolwaling valley. 

This valley is located at an altitude of 4,580 m above sea level in the district of Dolakha in Nepal. In this region of the country, the lake in this destination has grown considerably over the time of the last 5 decades due to the problem of global warming and glacial melting in the Himalayas. 

It is said that Valley carved by a plow is Rolwaling and the steep cliff of this region helps to give the wonderful impression of plow- carved furrow.
One of the well-managed and finest trail Tsho Rola is a less explored place in the trekking areas of Nepal. There is the conduction of the Swiss project that goes for the three years of time which helps to make a trail marked and well managed to walk. This helps people to walk easily and accessible to do the trek in this region. 

Nepal’s first cantilever bridge built in the district of Gorkha for the accessibility of the Manaslu region trek. In the same way, the second one cantilever bridge is located in the Rolwaling valley. If you are planning to trek in the Tsho Rolpa needed to cross Nepal’s second cantilever bridge ( this is a bridge attached only one by the end). 

Budget-friendly trek 

Tsho Rolpa Trek is located in the western region of the country. This is also one of the amazing treks in this area. You don’t need to worry about the cost because the cost of the Tsho Rolpa region trek is less than that of other regions of the country. This region is not as much as far from Kathmandu. So that the transportation costs will be low and depend on your packages. Talking about the accommodation facilities you can enjoy will the teahouses with better facilities. Less price for the permit than the Everest region. 

Experience the local lifestyle

You will experience the beautiful essence of people in the local community of this region. This region is nearby the Tibetian border that helps them to learn the Tibetian lifestyle. Then this lifestyle and culture are shown to the tourists who visit this region. This area is mostly dominated by Buddhist culture and in the same way, people like Brahmin, Tamang, Chhetri are living in this region. The major standard of people living in this region is Sherpa. This trekking trail leads us to the courses of the TamaKosh river on the way to the Simigaun. Take an exciting and thrilling trek over in this region. 

Gaurishankar conservation area

This is a newly discovered area of Nepal for trekking activities and exploring. In the same way including the Rolwaling range that is expanded up to the altitude of 2179 km square in this region. This is the destination most probably suitable for animal lovers and nature lovers.

This is a newly formed conservation area in Nepal which includes the Rolwaling range that is expended to the area of 2179 km square. So this area of conservation comes under the wishlist of animal lovers or nature lovers. You can even witness the flora and fauna that are only bounded in this area. This place could be the bold experience as an achievement of the visitors coming every time.     

Tsho Rolpa

Dolakha will amaze by the wonderful beauty of the Tsho Rolpa lake which lies at the altitude of 4,580m above sea level. The area of the lake of 1.537 square kilometers and is one of the biggest glacial lakes in the higher zones of Nepal. Tsho Rolpa is the place that beautifies the significance of the place. Numbers of tourists visit this reason for the adventure and exploring glacial purposes. This could is the amazing thing for you that helps to witness a lake that is normally half of the year and definitely goes for freezing for another half year. In the normal days also the lake looks more exquisite as you wish which is the average depth of about 55m.

Rolwaling Valley

Rolwaling is the one of the most attractive Himal in this region for Tsho Rolpa trek. It also comes under the most difficult trekking zone in Nepal. This valley is also known as Grave due to the solid character of its location. It is also buried down to the ice giants steep. This region considered in the Everest ranges and Lantang Ranges. Captivating the beautiful sights of Mount Everest and Mount Langtang which is the major highlights of Rolwaling trek. In this destination, the trekkers will get to know the amazing theme of this place. This place gives you the Majestic Mount Gauri Shankar 7134 m above sea level.