Everybody knows that Nepal is a paradise for the adventure and trekking lover who comes from around the world. This is heaven for the people who are an enthusiast to travel,  nature admirer to the world’s highest mountain ranges. Out of fourteen tallest peaks in the globe, eight of them lie in this small country Nepal. So, we take Everest as a spotlight of Nepal with a lot of significance of undiluted beauty of the natural environment, sense of trekking halfway to Everest, the steadfast culture which is simply awe-inspiring. 

This land is taken as a landmark from the historical era to the base point of the world’s highest Himalayas and also offers the unrivaled view of the stunning jungles flaunting with awesome matchless views, foothills, Sherpa villages, glacial moraines and another thing whatever we see there.

Expect the region has the world’s highest mountain in the world Everest region is the paradise to the natural environment with a lot of breathtaking wonders that will help you to experience the wonderful cold weather, Soothing aura, rugged landscapes Warm hospitality and now realized magical tone with expected spellbinding attractions. On the other hand, Everest holds the dynamic and imaginable expeditions and enchantment beyond, this is the reason why people are so much eager and excited to travel the soothing beauty of the country. The beauty of almighty Everest also helps them to travel such places for the activities of trekking and traveling. 

Some of the tourism destinations of Mount Everest region will clear you that Why you should visit the Everest region of the country? 

Lukla airport

Lukla airport is also known as Tenzing-Hillary Airport. This airport is the smallest airport in the Middle town of Lukla. Lukla is located in the Khumbu region of the country which is also known for the Everest region. This wonderful region is located in the Solukhumbu district of the country in province no. one on the Eastern side of Nepal. This airport is one of the most dangerous airports in the world. The person with the powerful guts can enjoy the adventure of traveling by plane to the Lukla airport. 

This airport is also one of the reputed airports in the world. It is because if there is a risk there is an adventure. In the same way, the reason behind it is the world’s highest peak Mt. Everest. This is the starting point where we can be accessible to the most breathtaking destination of the country is Everest Base Camp. If the weather is perfect there is a daily flight conducted in the Lukla airport for the trekking activities in the Everest base camp and Everest region of the country. Although the distance of the flight reaching in the Lukla is short but sometimes there starts raining lightly while the sun is shining very brightly in the capital. This is the reason why you need to visit the Everest region of the country for experiencing the super adventure in life.

Everest Base Camp

The trek to the Everest base camp is said as a classic trek in  Nepal. Now, Everest is the most visited destination and also comes in the first priority of travelers around the world. Trekking to the most stunning place of the earth Everest base camp is done through Lukla in the Khumbu region of the country. When we start our trek from the Lukla airport to Dudh Koshi which takes almost two days by a gentle walk that also leads us to the most fascinating village of sherpa capital Namche Bazaar. This route will take you to one tea house to another tea house. Phakding and Monjo are also popular stops overseen in this region. On the first day of a trek, there is just beyond Monjo, the entrance gate to the world heritage site Enlisted by the UNESCO that is Sagarmatha National park at the point of Jorsale. The different papers and documents including permits are checked in this place. This trail already follows the Dudh Koshi River starts going to the uphill for the most fascinating suspension bridge just taking a few hours from the Jorsale. 

Due to the stunning place in the earth, Everest base camp is so much popular that you should try once in your life for completely different experiences. 

Kala Patthar

Kala Patthar has not so much of a trek comparing to the other trekking destinations of the Everest region. This destination is also taken for the optional purpose of hiking activities in the Khumbu region of the country. This is a short trek and also takes a few hours to ascends from the Kalapatthar. This is the hill that provides completely different scenery and also taken as the best viewing point of the Everest base camp region that is surrounded by the higher peaks.

The main meaning of the Kalapatthar is “Black Rock” in the English language that stands at an altitude of 5,644m above sea level. This makes the highest point on reaching the world’s highest point of Everest base camp trek over the 300m in this region.  The fact around its name comes from the Colouration of the rock that is seen as a peak wit a dark black color stands at stark contrast in the land of snow-capped mountain or peaks survey. Over many of the years, the place Kalapatthar has been so much popular among the tourist traveling from the international level and national level of the country. Thousand of visitors coming every year to see the beauty of Kala Patthar which also a reason that you should visit the Everest region of the country.

Gokyo lake

If you are ready to visit the most stunning place in the Earth that is the Everest region of Nepal. Then pack your bag and get ready for not to miss the exquisite sparkling waters of Gokyo lakes that shine in the color of green and blue reflection. It could be the most memorable and cinematic view that you have ever experienced ever in your life. Gokyo lake is itself the highest point freshwater lake system that lies in the highest altitude of almost 5000m above sea level. Although such destinations Nepal is also popular in the wide variety of Exciting and adventurous destinations to make a super exploration during your free time. Trekking g in the Gokyo lake itself glamorous travel in Nepal, so that thousands of tourist visits this place every year.  These lakes cover the region of, mountain i.e Everest with a wide variety of beautiful views. That person who really want to enjoy the higher lake place and want to spend the fewer night they may move to the Gokyo lakes of Everest region. This could be one of the breathtaking journeys that you have ever made in your life. In the Gokyo region of the country, most of the traveler comes to gain the higher trekking and expedition experience in life and in the same way to make some reputation and status in your community.

Tengboche Monastery

Tengboche Monastery is also one of the best destinations in the Everest region of the country. As this region is rich in the culture and diverse in the natural environment people around here are so hospitable and well behaved. Tengboche Monastery is a Tibetian religion Buddhists Monastry made by the Tibetian locals of this region for believing their god.  Tengboche Village is also the largest Gompa in the Everest region of Nepal by offering a warm welcome and with good food respecting guests as a god. This country of this region offers the panoramic views of the Majestic mountain including Ama Dablam, Tawache, Lhoste, Thamserku, Nuptse, and Everest. When you come down from the Everest base camp you may also see small Chortens, monasteries, and Gumb, regarding all these things you can also experience the fluttering and studded prayer flags in the same place. In most of the places, we can see the prayer flags hanging along a wire and this has five different colors floating in a wind. Those of the flags consist of deeper meanings some of the meaning of the flags are yellow means earth, green is water, red means fire and white mean air. Tengboche Monastery is a fruitful place for spiritual tourism for being conscious of life.

So to enjoy the various activities that can be done in the Everest region of the country is briefly explained above. Nepal itself a tourism-oriented country with lots of natural human-made attractions exists. Those of the five reasons are the best reason to clarify your queries related to the activities that can be done in the Everest region of the country. Those of the five reasons are Kalapatthar, Gokyo, Tengboche monastery, Everest base camp and Lukla airport are the stunning places in the Everest region of Country. We recommend you to visit Nepal in the Everest region of the country to get completely different experiences in life.