The Manaslu trek is an adventure trek that can be in Nepal. This is a popular trek as it is recognized in the region of Manaslu. This region is untouched and a natural paradise in the remote or rural valley trail of a country. This region is located between Tibet and Nepal.

This trekking destination was officially opened for international tourists in 1992. The summit of the Manaslu is first summited by Toshio Imanishi and Gyalzen Norbu, members of a Japanese expedition.  This trek destination requires special authority and a permit because it comes under one of the restriction areas.

Manaslu base camp is located at an altitude of 8,163 meters (26,781 ft) above sea level.

The Manaslu base camp trek initially started from the Budi Gandaki River valley. You will be passing through the barren landscape. With the edge of the Tibetian plateau, in the end, you will be ending again. Two weeks later in the river basin of the Marshyangdi river valley of the country. The total elevation of the trekking destinations of the country is rising from 600 to 5,179m above sea level. 

Each season in this region of a country looks lovely in its own way and the choice is only yours. You should not note down the Larke pass because it is closed by snow during the season. this is the reason why you will not be able to get in the base camp. Manaslu circuit trek is also popular in this region. 

End of December to early March

There will be quite a cold that is balanced out from the sight of frozen rivers and waterfalls. In the village of Namrung, you will be trekking to trails that are snow-covered. This trek is too risky in the base camp region. You need to spend the time in Dharmasala but closed in winter and passing by the Larke Pass needs to be crossed in one day. 

March to the End of May

This season is the season for Rhododendron that started to bloom. The two make Ponkar and  Birendra start to meltdown. The locals of this place return home from the cities and by midday you can start your trek. There will also be occasional snowfall in March. similarly, in mid-may of this month, it looks somehow hot at the initial phase and ending points. You must be well prepared for this trek too.  There is no necessity of any gear for trekking. There is no need for technical experience too.  

June to Mid-December

You will be seeing the environment clean washed in the lush green jungles with rain. However, you will face a bit of a problem with mosquitoes and bugs around.  Always be aware of leeches it might suck your blood. It is recommended wearing a boot for the trek. This is not a serious condition you don’t need to worry about it. As the trail is slippery wit small streams so it will be possible to cross by the smaller wooden log as a bridge. 

The Manaslu base camp trek itself a risky and wonderful trek in this region of a country. The trek itself creates a lifetime amazing memory in your mind. You can trek in this region at the right time and situations like right gears, equipment, and preparation. Always prepare before going to trek in the Manaslu region. Take quite good information about the season and difficulty level of the trek with the help of a travel agency in Nepal.