Nepal is an ultimately glorious destination for trekking activities. If you are curious about knowing Rhododendron then Nepal could be one of the best destinations to trek. The season of rhododendron can be observed in the month of April. Rhododendron is also the national flower of Nepal. If you really want to spend good times in Nepal, then the most attractive time to trek in the month of April. 

April is a special time to see nature and flowers blossom, along with within most parts of the country.  So if you really plan to visit Nepal, you will surely experience to overlook the ethereal beauty of Nepal that brings us in the wonderful landscape. 

The most cinematic time to see the rhododendron blooms in Nepal at the beginning of April. This is very unique and full of joy during this month. You can see everywhere flowers are blossoming due to this you may put trekking in the first place in Nepal. 

Trekking is one of the most adventurous activities mostly of travel enthusiasts. In the same way, due to the enthusiast’s nature, this trek offers the best trekking destination and dramatic landscapes.

Moderate temperature and good weather conditions are more serious things to conduct trekking activities comfortable and exciting. Comparing with other various months and regions of the country, we can see the month of April has something different than others and suitable to do the trek. 

The climatic conditions, the sky, and the sun look beautiful and bright this month. The temperature of the place is just perfect in high altitude regions for the reason of low altitude trekking and high altitude trekking. 

The weather condition looks moderate in the higher elevations above 4,000m more favorable and it is mildly warm at lower elevations. 

However,  it is the beat time but you will feel like  morning and evening looks 

1.  Everest Base Camp Trek

   Trek Facts

  •     Required time: 14 days
  •     Difficulty level: Moderate
  •     Remoteness: No remote
  •     Altitude level: 5,600 on Kala Patthar
  •     Starting and end location: Lukla taking a 45-minute flight from the capital. 

  Highlights of trek:

  • Starting point: Lukla airport and also known as Tenzing Hillary Airport
  • One of the trading center called Namche Bazaar also known for the central hub in Khumbu region of the country
  • Experience the Tengboche Monastery which lies at 3,867m which is the largest Gompa in the Khumbu region.
  • Experience the local food, culture, Festive celebration and Buddhists Monastery.
  • Witness the most-awaited and spectacular Himalayan like Changtse, Nuptse, Lhoste, Pumori, Thamserku, and Amadablam
  • The most accessible point in the Khumbu region that is Kalapatthar.

    Some tips for travel

  • Be careful and do not skip acclimatization
  • Never dehydrated
  • Before the trek do some exercise 
  • Always respect the community culture and local people
  • Non-vegetarian foods should be avoided 

One of the best trekking destinations in the world is the Everest base camp which can be done in the month of April. The temperature of the Everest base camp in the month of April goes up to 15 degrees Celsius during night time and in the same way it goes to 19 degrees Celsius during the day time.  

In a sense, April is the most favorable month to visit the Everest Base Camp trek.  In this month the climatic condition of the place looks is not as much as low in the winter season. And the most interesting thing is the peaks look superb. 

You can experience the beauty of numerous decorative flowers during a trek. This kind of the beauty of vibrant flowers adds attraction to the trail. 

At the end of the late April, this tends to be the peak window to summit Everest. So, the base camp will be full of its famous colored tents.

The trekking to the lap of the world’s highest peak on this Globe. Kala Patthar hiking is one of the perfect points in the Khumbu region which is also a remarkable feature in the trail.  

Let’s witness the most cinematic of the various trekking trails and passes in the Everest region of the country. Those of the passes or trekking are Gokyo Lake Trek, Everest Chola Pass, and Tengboche Everest View Trek.

2. Annapurna Base camp trek

  Facts of Trek

  •   Required Time: 10 days
  •   Remoteness: no remoteness
  •   Altitude level: 4320m in Annapurna Base camp
  •   The difficulty of Trek: Moderate level
  •   Starting and ending point: Nayapul and have 6 to 7 hours drive from Pokhara. 

Highlights of trek

  • Witness the most beautiful sunset and sunrise views of Mountain ranges.
  • Experience the hot springs which are naturally formed in this region.
  • Be at Annapurna base camp.
  • The essence of the traditional way of living local people.
  • Experience the food and drinks around the local village of Annapurna.

    Some trip facts

  • Always stay hydrated and carry water bottles.
  • Always respect the culture and tradition of a place.
  • Always follow the rules and regulations in the religious monuments.
  • The most popular trekking destination but there may be quite a bit less good accommodation facilities.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek is also one of the most stunning trekking destinations in Nepal. This route holds thousands of tourists every month for the purpose of trekking in this region.

This trek begins from the beautiful city of Pokhara which is a major tourist attracting destination in Nepal.

The trekking trail offers the tourists full of cultural beauty and natural beauty. Annapurna trekking trail will provide the best opportunity for the exploration of various landscapes in this region.

You will be experiencing the dense rhododendron forests, gorgeous Himalayan massif, and beautiful meadows. Even you will see the significance of the Annapurna conservation area full of the diversity of evergreen forests which are rich in flora and fauna.

In the month of April, the dense forest with the beauty of rhododendrons looks even better including other wildflowers. Similarly, the temperature of this region ranges from 5 degrees Celsius at night time and 20-degree Celsius at day time.

Experience the warm hospitality of local people around this region. Enjoy the fantastic vistas of Himalayan i.e. Annapurna. This mountain is the world’s 10th-highest mountain. Besides this mountain also see the panoramic view of other mountains including Mt. Machhapuchhre, Mt. Dhaulagiri and so no. 

3. Upper Mustang Trek

  Trek facts :

  •   The time required: 14 days
  •   Altitude level: 3770M Lo Langtang
  •   Difficulty level: Moderate but challenging
  •   Remoteness: very remote
  •   Starting and Ending location: Pokhara 6 to 7 hours and drive back to Kathmandu.

 Some Highlights of the trek: Experience the beauty of the place and its Landscapes

  •    Experience the most awaited religious place in Mustang
  •    Feel the culture and different lifestyles of people
  •   Close up view of mountain-like Mt. Nilgiri, Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Dhauligiri.
  •   Take a round visit of Local Buddhist Monasteries.
  •   Visits other pure glam monasteries that are built in the time of the 13th century. 


Travel Tips

  • This region is like a desertic region and winds blow like a bit tricky in the afternoon. So protect your all things at a safe place.
  • Always respect the community people and show respect to their culture too. 
  • You need to tell your guide if you go on feeling uncomfortable during a trek. 
  • Always take your permit and understand it properly

Upper Mustang trekking in Nepal is also one of the adventurous treks that can be interesting in the month of April as a monsoon. This trek will definitely offer you a beautiful opportunity to experience the old village and the local lifestyle of a place. 

Thus trek will definitely put some spiritual attachment to via Buddhist monasteries, mani walls, and chortens.  

This trek starts from the initial point or the beautiful city of Pokhara and begins our journey to Jomsom village. This trek completely leads towards Kagbeni village that takes away us to Lo Manthang. The capital of Mustang is known as Lomanthang for many years which is the fact about this place.

This place is totally surrounded by an ancient Monastery of the Buddhist religion, cave, an exquisite museum and so on. 

This place of Mustang shows the varieties of dynamic cultural things who are rich in Thakali, Gurung ethics Tibetian. This time is your time to witness the most attractive ancient valuable things in Mustang and in Lo Manthang in Nepal. 

This is the most stunning that you will never have in your life due to the wandering landscape, With the form of the Tibetian plateau.

Talking about the weather conditions of this place. The temperature is warm and also will get to see the clear sky The flavor with the mountain view is beautifully seen here. Some of the stunning peaks in this region are Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Annapurna, and other various mountains that can be seen here. 

At the conclusion, we can say that April could be the best time to witness the upper Mustang trek.

4. Upper Dolpo Circuit Trek

 Trek facts

  •   Duration of trek: 24 days
  •   Elevation: 4,900 m to the Yangtze
  •   Remoteness: very remote
  •   The difficulty of the trek: Challenging and Moderate
  •   Starting to Ending point: Kathmandu to Nepaljung one hour flight

 Highlights of trek

  • One of the remote area treks which are rarely visited can be your new experience.
  • This is also little known trekking with a small number of tourists
  • Offbeat trekking route in Nepal with little tourists
  • Shey Phoksundo National Park, explore and get knowledge as it is the largest national park in Nepal. 
  • Make a better interaction with local people
  • You can even experience by crossing the wonderful passes that are over 5,000 m above sea level. 
  • Phoksundo Lake is the deepest lake in Nepal.

Some tips for travel

  •  You can hire a guide to be safer because this trail is a less trekking region of the country.
  • Necessary document travel insurance, Permit.
  • If you suffer from the altitude sickness at altitude then there will be the option of a helicopter rescue.
  • Take enough cash with yourself. It is because there will be no ATM in the altitude region a may arise the problems running out of cash.

Upper Dolpo region of the country is less explored the place as a trekking destination in Nepal. The trekking path leads us to the North-west mountain ranges in Nepal. This region is exactly situated in the Dhaulagiri Himalayan ranges and Tibetian Plateau.

In the month of April, the Dolpa climate looks pretty good like Breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains, clear blue skies, and a fresh environment.

The beautiful variation of warm weather, Himalayan ranges, fewer crowds, and magnificent views in April is taken as the month of suitable time to visit the Dolpo region of the country.

This is a bit difficult trek in this region of the country and remoteness at all. This is how the trek looks most awaited trek in this region.

You can get a chance to witness the local culture and some of the isolated traditionality of people. Along with this thing you can even get to know the nature, landscape area. The most synthetic thing about this place is the originality of exceptional culture and the living styles of people.

This region of the country is rich in Medicinal herbs. It is more important to preserve the exceptional beauty some of the places that have restricted tourists to enter in this region.

5. Manaslu Circuit Trek

  Trips facts

  Duration of trek: 15 days
  Difficulty level: Challenging
  Altitude level: 5,167 m
  Remoteness: Quite remote
  Starting and Ending location: Soti Khola about 10 hrs and take a drive to Kathmandu

Highlights of trek

  • Lies in a remote area with a less crowded trail and needs the quite good experience of trekking.
  • Most cinematic view of Mount Manaslu ranges.
  • Varied terrain that includes subtropical jungle and snow-capped landscapes.
  • The highest pass of the Manaslu region is also known for Larke La Pass.
  • The world eight highest passes peak i.e Mt. Manaslu offers magnificent views

 Tips for travel

  • Need trekking restricted permit. Here solo traveler is no permitted almost 2 trekkers are required.
  • Hire a professional or experienced guide for your trek.
  • Walk slowly and steadily so that you will not have any problems regarding altitude sickness.
  • Take your torchlight with a full battery, there may be a problem of electricity in a higher altitude region.
  • Always show some curiosity and respect for nature to the local people.

This trekking destination is also a challenging trekking region in Nepal. This area has something like improvement due to which it has been popular in recent years in the country. In this adventurous trek, you will surely get the experience of both the unique mix culture and adventure of the Tibetian people and traditional Nepali people.

Manaslu Circuit Trek is of course, remote and wild, yet you can find some teahouses in the way in the upper region. This is why it is easy for you and do not need to bring foodstuff and tents with yourself.

This type of trekking activities includes the exploration of low and high diverse altitude region. This is a trekking trail that gets followed by a subtropical region to the driest artic zone that is nearer to the border of Tibet.

The trekking started through the day drive to Soti Khola nearer from the capital Kathmandu. After that following through descending and ascending trails, passes through the forests which are completely dense and reaches the Samdo and Samagaun.

Here you even get to experience the Buddhists, the monastery, and the walls of Mani that are completely get influenced by the Culture of North i.e Tibetian.