Everest base camp trek cost depends upon the traveler’s self-oriented services. Some trekkers want a cheap service with no porter and some want to have both luxury services. As we all know that Everest is the world’s highest peak located in Nepal.

In this region, you will be meeting enough porters and guides who will assist you to complete the journey to Everest. There are many porters who can fluently speak the English language and guides are quite professional who can easily understand your desires during a trek.

There will be no communication problem within the guide and porter so you can meet any kinds of travel queries during the trek to the Everest region. During Everest base camp trek you can even do EBC with Chola pass trek but it looks slightly more expensive than EBC trek.

During the trek, your guide will arrange your lodges and required meals in advance. This is why you don’t need to panic at any situation during your wonderful EBC trek. You will be provided the best quality food and accommodation services to the guest if possible.

There are varieties of food services provided by the local lodges and treehouses for the guests. You can get the menu and list of services with respective prices in this region. The prices of the foods are quite expensive compared with other places in the trekking region of Nepal.

The price system while hiring a guide varies according to season to season. They are associated with a company and also some are approved by the license then their price may be quite similar.

Talking about the cost they usually take up to $30 to $40. There will be so much fewer prices if you go for the local guides or porter because they charge the price according to their interest. There is a charge rate of local guides that starts from $25 to $30 per day. A condition will be done at the price rate if you go for Everest three passes trek in the Everest region.

You are recommended to carry some extra pennies because it will definitely help you during the time of emergency in the Everest region trek. During the peak season, they will definitely charge extra more than you expected. 

Costs of Permits

Trekking to the Everest region needs two different types of permits. This permit is the essential thing before your every trek. This can be also said as the permission granted by the Nepalese tourism for the foreigners for the trek.

TIMS card is the permit card for entry to the Sagarmatha National park region which is also enlisted in the world heritage site. This can be issued in the Nepal tourism board and your guide will definitely help you to get this when it is needed for you. 

The Sagarmatha National park trekking permit costs range from $33 which is converted to Nrs 3,390. This permit is also essential for you to enter the Khumbu region in Nepal.

Travel Information Manual System (TIMS) card prices vary according to its type. Another important thing is that you can also buy a permit for $20 in the Everest region of a country. This is why don’t need a TIMS card but you must have one. This is given in the following lists how it varies.


Organized TIMS card: $10

Individual TIMS card: $20

SAARC country TIMS card: $3


Costs of Flight from Kathmandu to Lukla (Round)

The Flight to Lukla is the most adventurous Flight that you ever experience in life. It takes about 45 minutes to get to Lukla from Tribhuvan International Airport Kathmandu. Lukla is also popularly known for the gateway for the Everest region trek.

The schedule of flight from 6 o’clock to 10 o clock morning. Talking about the total costs of flight which is around $177 But this price will be the same all year round. The season does not affect the flight costs as it does not change in peak season.


Travel insurance costs

As we all know that the Himalayan in Nepal are seen quite adventurous and rugged form structure. They are the riskiest in the same situation during trekking.

The climate, weather, and wind in the Himalayas makes various difficulties during the time of trekking in this region of a country. This may be very difficult especially for those of travelers who don’t even have any prior trekking experience in the mountainous region.

The undefined thing is that you can’t know what kind of befalls upon anyone during the time of walking in this region. This is why we mentioned that travel insurance must be done during the time of trekking in Nepal.

The costs of the insurance for trekking in mountains may vary from company to company and also depends upon cover-up you need. This insurance policy will be involved in and your health status during the time of the policy.

Talking about the minimum costs of a 30-day policy price at the range of around $150 on average.  This will cover various requirements and emergencies up to the height of 6,000m above sea level in the mountain region of Nepal.


Trekking equipment

Trekking equipment is also an essential thing for the trek in the Everest region. This is a random decision that you make while setting off for the trek in the Himalayas. Trekking in this region requires proper management and planning with all kinds of appropriate gears needed for trekking. Be extra careful about packing the necessary gears.

Talking about the costs of trekking gear needed for trekking may vary according to its quality and your preferences for how much you already have and want to buy. The gears also depend upon the season which is needed and which is not. You can even hire many of the gears for a certain time in trekking throughout the market in Nepal.

The types of equipment costs vary according to the shops and places. The best place to buy such equipment which are required for the tree can be brought from Thamel Kathmandu. 

The lists of basic things you need while trekking in the Everest regions are mentioned below

Thermal clothing
Sleeping bags
Waterproof hiking boots
Waterproof clothes
camp shoes
Trekking poles
Sunglasses etc and so on

These items are the basic items that are necessary while trekking in any Himalayas area especially the Everest region of a country. Now you may be wondering how much price for those of the trekking gears. Then it costs around $2,000 if you like the original and first hand. On the other hand, if you have already taken something from these lists then the costs decrease.

Costs for food and accommodations

Everest Region trek is taken as the common trekked place in Nepal. There are adequate lodges, tea houses, and hotels for travelers to stay in easily. Most of the lodges and teahouses will offer you mostly typical; and historical Nepali dishes. It also includes curry, pickle, and Dal, Bhat with sweat.

There are many hotels that provide the luxury standards of food services which will serve you a variety of cuisines. The most important thing you should be aware of is that you must be careful while choosing what you want to eat. You also need to carry water purifiers for many health reasons.

The costs of food services provided by the hotel and accommodations vary according to the destination with the various seasons of the trek in Nepal. Talking about the costs of the lodgers in the lower altitude region is quite cheaper than in the higher elevations region lodges.

The costs or rate of the good accommodation services that will be provided by the lodges on the average US $25 to US$30 per day in this region.

There are some travelers who want to spend extra services or luxury levels of services as much as you can up to Namche Bazaar. In the higher region or the elevation, you can not get to spend as much as you want.

Cost for the Heli trek from Everest (Only for EBC Heli Trek)

There is another beautiful option for the trekkers who are already in the Base camp of Everest. Then you can easily choose the helicopter if the climate is well and accessible to the destination. The cost of the helicopter to return back to Kathmandu costs $3800 Gorak Shep towards Kathmandu. You can request your guide to manage the Heli back tour to Kathmandu. They will definitely help you to manage every procedure of the helicopter ride. 


The trek to the Base camp of Everest is quite affordable and easy for all the trekkers who want to trek. There is enough infrastructure that is possible to maintain in the trail of the region. Everest region trek costs vary according to the company and the quality of their services.

They are trying to provide all the quality services to the trekkers who want to enjoy it. In the above article, we are clear about the various price and quality levels that can be met in the Everest base camp trek.