Trekking in the region of Gokyo lake has been highly demanded nowadays. It needs proper planning, money research, time, and many more. Talking about the full cost that is needed to complete the Gokyo Lake trek in Nepal is about USD 1200 or more. There will be many expenses, some are high and some are low respectively. 

You don’t need to wonder because the Gokyo lake trek is of course a remote trek situated on the lap of stunning Himalayas. The struggle is something different for this trek when you make it done you will never regret a single time to spend money.

This trek comes under the lifetime trekking opportunity in Nepal. You will be experiencing nature. But in the modest there you can also see incredible culture and traditions.

Talking about the best season to trek in the Gokyo Lakes region is Autumn which falls in the months of September, October, and November.  The month of March, April, and May come under the spring season which is also an equally important and popular time for trekking in the region of Gokyo. 

Talking about another season winter falls in December, January, and February, and summer the month like June, July, and August are taken as off-season to trek. This trek is doable all year round and for this, you just need preparations and proper planning.

Gokyo Trek Highlights

  • The scenic flight to Lukla airport and back.
  • The Unique Sherpa Culture and tradition in the Khumbu region.
  • The thrilling suspension bridges along the way. Hilary’s suspension bridge is the highest and the longest.
  • The Buddhist practices, prayer flags, chortens, prayer wheels, and giant mani walls en route.
  • Amazing views of the several Himalayas including Mt.Everest (8848 meters), and three giant peaks over 8000 meters: Mt. Cho Oyu, Lhotse, and Makalu.
  • Ngozumpa, is the largest glacier in the world.
  • Beautiful big and small settlements at Namche, Dole, Macchermo, Gokyo, and other places.
  • Amazing sunrise view from Gokyo Ri, the highest point on Gokyo Valley trekking.

Major Everest Gokyo Lake trek cost


Gokyo Lake trek can be done throughout the Everest region and also a teahouse trek route. During the time of the trek, you can stay at lodges, teahouses, and hotels. You will get the facilities as per the region and altitude in Nepal. As you trek higher, teahouses will be more and more basic.

During the time trekking with the help of a trekking company in Nepal, you don’t have to pay any money for your accommodation facilities. The trekking to Gokyo Lake trek includes total accommodation trek costs. It includes staying at teahouses at a Gokyo lake that will cost the price of USD 3 to 5 per person. There will be a single room for a single individual on a twin-sharing basis.

The tea houses in this region have a common type of dining hall with smoky due to the open Kitchen. You will get warm inside the room because of the heaters and spend most of the time in the dining hall. There you will be provided some play cards and wifi, some trekkers spend their time by making gossip and discussing.

Guide and Porter

Trekking to the Everest base camp with Cho la pass Gokyo, hire a porter and a guide for making this trip more easy and more successful. This trek is one of the most difficult treks done in the region of Everest. This trekking can be completed within  5 to 6 hours of walking every day.

Porters and guides will always help trekkers to share any kind of burden during the trek. A guide which you have taken will always be there for you during any kind of difficulties or risks and celebrations. They always make you safe and help with the unknown things during the Gokyo Lake trek. There is a porter who will always help you by carrying your loads or backpacks. 

Talking about the per day cost for hiring a guide for Gokyo Valley trekking is about USD 20 to 3o on average. At the same time, Hiring of porter also costs a bit less than a guide. The average cost of porters is about USD 15 to 20 per day.

Trekking Permits

For your Gokyo Lake trek, you need to get two different permits:

  1. Local Area Permit
  2. Sagarmatha National Park permit

Talking about the permit which is required for entry to the trekking destinations. The total cost of the permit comes to around $50. The local permit costs up to USD 20 and the cost to enter Sagarmatha National Park entry permit is about USD 30. It also includes VAT.

You can even obtain another permit for Monjo village in Khumbu. If you have already taken your guide and porter for your trekking then they will help you with taking such permits. Those of permits can be taken in Kathmandu with the help of a guide to easily make sure that you pay related costs. 

Food and Drinks

You will be served all possible food and drinks in the region of the Himalayas but they are not free. It will cost as per the region and cost policy. The lodges and Tea houses in the Everest Gokyo Lake trekking route are in a basic form. But also they try to serve hygienic and healthy meals for the trekker each day.

There you can get food and drinks which varies according to the lower and upper region. Talking about the lower regions price can be a bit less than in the higher regions. There you can even see many stories behind why the cost of altitude increases. 

Transporting all the food facilities is so much difficult for the people in the higher regions of a country and even Everest is a very high region. They use transport as donkeys, Yaks and with people also which is very hard and expensive to transport.

The cost of a single meal goes around USD 5 to 6 in general. It also differs depending upon the order the trekker has made. This also makes per day costs of meals like three meals a day average around USD 15 to 20.

In terms of drinks, there are varieties of drinks which you can select as per your interest like peach tea, mint tea, herbal tea, apple tea, rhododendron tea, etc and so on. You can even get a taste of canned fruit juices. There are some major varieties of soup to be safe from cold-like garlic soup, mushroom soup, and other different flavor soups.

Travel Insurance Cost

This trek is an adventure trek so you are walking over 5000m. This is why it is necessary to have traveled with the most reliable travel insurance. This insurance for trekkers must cover the areas especially emergency evacuations over 5,000m. 

Generally, the cost of travel insurance will be at least USD 120 per person. It will also vary accordingly to various situations or duration of insurance and also due to the policies made by insurance companies.

Cost for trekking equipment and gears

Gokyo lake trek also needs trekking equipment and many gears to accomplish this trek. If this is the time you are going for a trek then you must have many things brought. This trek does not include any technical climbing sections. You need to buy some suitable clothing, backpacks, trekking poles, trekking boots, snacks, and other major trekking equipment.

We recommend you not to buy everything new because it will cost high. So you can rent some of the trekking gear in the capital or even in the Raes of Thamel. Our officer from the company will surely help you to buy some. The cost for renting such gear will vary from USD 1 to 10 per day.

Kathmandu to Lukla Flight Cost

The most adventurous and reliable means of transport is air. So that we will be taking you up to the region of Lukla with a flight from the capital city Kathmandu. While moving from the flight, you get a chance to see amazing and stunning views of Himalayan peaks, incredible natural lush landscapes, valleys, hills, and rapidly flowing rivers. 

The cost of a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla is up to USD 150 for one way. It will take almost 30 to 45 minutes to be at Lukla. IN the peak season in Nepal, the costs of flights may slightly rise as there is more demand. At the same time, in the offseason, it will cost less than you expected.

There is also another option for the Gokyo lake trek. It can be done with a helicopter ride by Everest base camp, Kalapatthar, and Gokyo Lake. If you have no trekking experience and want an expensive helicopter ride then there is also a possibility for that at the same time. 

Final Words

Gokyo lake trek journey can be a lifetime experience for the trekker around the world because of its adventurous and stunning natural progression. This trek cost is not as high as you expected in other countries, trekking to Gokyo will also be a heartwarming experience for you.