Gokyo lake trekking trail is of course an adventurous trek in Nepal. Have you ever thought of traveling to a remote mountain in Nepal? If yes then you may have already guessed about the Gokyo lake trek difficulty and how it looks. But at the same time, if you are unknown about this trail then you have to know before traveling.

The lake called Gokyo is situated at a very remote place from the capital. You need to go through the rough trails or tough trails over from the splashing flowing rivers that go along the cascading waterfalls and finally lush green jungles.

This route will probably show mostly forests, tiny houses, small settlements of local people, and some of the amazing massive Himalayas. So, if this is your first time in the Himalayas then I am sure that you will be experiencing a complete package of new things.

In addition, it depends on you how you really enjoy your trek. You need to be motivated and cheer up to boost your energy even if you see any kind of step and sharp incline in the front side of your nose. 


  • Practice a few hikes before you go on the actual trek.

Gokyo Lake Trek Difficulty

Everyday Walking Hours

If you go exploring the internet about the Gokyo lake trek then you can find many of them. And if you have ever noticed about the per day walking hours to Gokyo lake for 10 days. Talking about the average hour that it takes to trek to the region of Gokyo lake is about 5 to 6 hours per day. 

But sometimes we cannot say an accurate long time that will take you to trek. Every traveler from the various parts of the country belongs in their own capacity, walking pace, and strength. Then what is your ability? This will really help trekkers to determine the average level of trekking hours in a single day.

Another thing is that there is a single thing so some of the trails are easy and flat with less altitude gain. These days are completely easy with walking for long hours and you don’t need to feel any kind of stress. On the contrary, we also have fewer trekking days if the distance is actually less by the altitude level of this region.

The Total Trekking Distance on Gokyo Lake Trek

The total trekking distance that you need to cover during your trek to Gokyo Lake trek is 92 km which is 53 miles. We can say that it is not much more distance because other parts of the trekking area have more than this. In the same way, another interesting fact about this destination is that it will take you almost 10 days to make it done. 

This is why Gokyo lake trekking is a bit easy because of the length of the Gokyo lake trek. You need to even walk for around six kilometers every day. 


  • Trek with a healthy and strong mindset.


The level of the temperature and the altitude will have an inverse proportion here. It means the level of temperature in this region, unfortunately, goes down as you move forward or go up. When you go for the Gokyo lake trek you will be leading your way through the Lukla to Gokyo Ri

The temperature of this region will definitely not even be going to stay the same on an elevation area range of about 2860m to 5357m.

The temperature of a moderate and warm climatic in the lower region of a country when you move forward to the above elevation the winds are chilly. At the same time, the climate of the night is so cold. In this region, you also get close to icy and frozen glaciers. 

The Gokyo region trek is completely difficult for those types of people who don’t even get to experience the intense cold. Take, for example, someone who is allergic due to a cold and has diseases like asthma.


  • Load your backpack with a down jacket and clothing to resist the cold temperature.
  • Trek during the months that are not too cold. Avoid going during December, January, and February. Other times have a moderate temperature.

Altitude and Altitude Sickness

The valley of Gokyo Lake trek begins from an altitude of 2860 m above sea level in the region of Lukla. Starting from Lukla, you will be ascending and gradually leading towards the Phakding (3438 m), Dole (3680m), Gokyo Valley (4800m), Namche Bazaar (3438m), Macchermo(4470m), and finally to another destination of Gokyo Ri(5357m).

The level of elevation of the Gokyo trek region is 5357m which is pretty high. When there is a high altitude you must be confident and careful about altitude sickness. 


  • Choose the trek itinerary with sufficient acclimatization.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Walk slowly and steadily.
  • Practice some aerobic and cardiovascular exercises. They’ll help a lot while you trek.

Weather During Different Seasons

Talking about the climatic condition of this region of Gokyo lake trek we can say that this region has almost unpredictable weather. This is why weather is the most essential major difficulty factor during the time of trekking to the Gokyo lake trek.

The climatic effect of the Everest region has its variation and features. It is most important to choose a good time when you move for the Everest region trek. Gokyo valley trek comes under difficulty and depends on various seasons. The different climate has their own effect on the trekker. 

Likewise, Autumn Season takes more chances of rainfall, snow, and bad weather conditions. Another one is the spring season which falls during the month of March, April, and May as a wonderful time to trek. Also, the temperature of this region remains fairly stable. Even in the season of spring, you get to see many spectacular views of massive mountains and beautiful lush forests. 

On the other hand, the winter season that comes under the months of December, January, and February and the other one of summer are taken as the offseason for trekking. Winter is obviously a cold season and trekking in the monsoon becomes a hassle for the trekker.


  • If you are a beginner, you should go in peak seasons (Autumn and Spring)
  • If you dare to go during off-seasons, you should load yourself with adequate gear and backup plans.

This is how we have mentioned all the difficulties and queries of the trekker that they can feel during the time of trekking in the Gokyo valley trek. This is obvious. The trek to Gokyo is easy and not easy. This is why you must be well known about the climatic influence of this zone.