Helicopter tours are the best option for those who seek luxury trips to the Himalayas without having to sweat out on the days of trekking. 

As such, the Everest Base Camp (EBC) Helicopter Tour provides you with the best views of the Everest region with the comfort you desire. 

On these trips, you can enjoy the breathtaking Everest views along with the ethnic culture of the Sherpa community within a day. 

Moreover, helicopter tours are easy and travelers with children and family can also indulge on these trips.

Key Highlights of EBC Heli Tour :

  • Aerial views of the Mt. Everest (8848m) and other mountains like Cho Oyu (8201m), Lhotse (8516m), Langtang (7227m), and many more
  • Enjoy the panoramic view of the Mt. Everest from the Everest View Hotel
  • Enjoy the views of other landmarks of Everest region like Khumbu Icefall and Renjo Valley
  • Experience the Sherpa culture and traditions

Weather in Everest: 

The weather in the Everest Region varies according to season and each season has its perks. 

However, the weather during spring and autumn seasons is stable, favorable for viewing and helicopter rides. During March-May (spring) the snowfall slowly starts to decrease and the temperature gets a bit warmer in compared to winter months with the average temperature going up to -10 degrees Celsius. 

However, the nights are chilly and cold. The sky is clear with little clouds, so the views get more mind-blowing during these months.

Autumn (September-November) is another peak season to explore the Everest region. During these months, the region is packed with trekkers and climbers. This season is the driest in Nepal so, there are rare occasions for rain showers. 

As the weather gets drier, there are fewer clouds to obstruct the views. The weather is just right for traveling and the average temperature can go up to 15 degrees Celsius.

During the monsoon season (June-August, sometimes even mid-September), the fog and mist block the views of Himalayas on most occasions. The trekking routes also get muddy and wet, which may be a challenge for some travelers. So, it is advised for travelers to avoid tours during this season. 

Winter (December-February) is the coldest time of the year. During this season, the average temperature drops a lot in comparison to other seasons. Heavy snowfall is common during this season and gets more frequent with the increase in altitude. However, the views of the Himalayas are crystal clear with thick blankets of snow. 

Altitude Sickness:

As the Everest Helicopter Tour explores the high Himalayas to the north of Nepal, altitude sickness is one of the biggest threats to the travelers. Altitude sickness is a condition that develops due to the inability of a human body to cope with the high altitude and lack of oxygen in these areas. 

Generally, the symptoms of altitude sickness begin after crossing 2400 meters. These symptoms include difficulty in breathing, loss of appetite, nausea, headaches, lethargy, and loss of sleep among others. 

Since altitude sickness does not depend upon the physical fitness of a person, all the travelers must remain cautious on their trips. If anyone begins to feel the symptoms of the illness, the guide or travel partner should be informed immediately. 

Then, the first course of curing altitude sickness is to descend to a lower altitude. Likewise, medicines like Diamox also help to slow the effects of the sickness. While there is no hard and fast rule to prevent altitude sickness, there are a few travel hacks. Travelers should continue their tour at a slow and steady pace while maintaining a regular intake of water and other fluids.

Types of Heli service:

The helicopter tour in the Everest region can be done in different ways and variations. Since the region itself is huge and a short helicopter tour can only help you have a short glimpse of the region, there are a variety of helicopter trips. One popular trip is the helicopter ride from Kathmandu or Lukla to Everest Base Camp or Kalapatthar. Similarly, travelers can also choose to trek to EBC and fly out from there. 

One additional benefit of Everest Helicopter tours is that they simplify the travel routes. So, even old age travelers can easily indulge in this tour. Additionally, at Nepal Alibaba, we can also arrange for additional services as per your request. Thus, the EBC helicopter tour by Nepal Alibaba has various options, which can be enjoyed by a wide range of travelers. 

Clothing :

It is a must that all travelers wear warm clothes on these tours even during the summer season. The temperature in the EBC region is low all year long but drops even more during the winter season. Fleece clothing, down jackets and other similar apparel is a must. It is also recommended to carry a waterproof jacket. 

As of shoes, hiking and trekking shoes are recommended but if travelers don’t have them, comfortable sports shoes are the best option for Everest Helicopter Tour. 

Similarly, it is essential to wear thick woolen socks to stay warm. Sometimes the terrain may get a bit wet or colder than expected so, it is important to keep feet warm during such conditions. 

Other apparel to wear include gloves, hats and glasses since the UV rays in the higher altitudes are strong. Please make sure the glasses are 100% UV protection because the rays are harmful to the eyes. It is also better to wear sunscreen or UV protecting creams. 

Travelers can also carry water bottles with them as they might not get the chance to buy water while on the trip. Toiletries like toilet paper and soap may be handy in times of emergency so, it is recommended to carry them as well. 


The EBC Helicopter Tour is the best for people who want luxury and short trips. It is designed for everyone so it can be done with friends, family, or solo. The pilots for this tour are the best in their field and they guarantee that tourists are in the safest hands. 

Each season provides a unique outlook to the Everest region and EBC, so travelers can do this tour according to their liking. Through this tour, travelers can enjoy the picturesque landscape of Nepal, view the majestic mountains like Everest and experience the unusual Sherpa culture all within one day. So, a luxury helicopter tour to Everest Base Camp is a chance that it is hard to pass up.  

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