Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, is a sacred place in Nepal. The lord buddha’s real name is Siddhartha Gautam. The lord buddha’s real name is Siddhartha Gautam. This is a popular and influential site spiritually, and also it helps to attract Buddhist pilgrims from different parts of the world.

Now you can visit about twenty-five monasteries of Buddhist religion built by various countries, meditate, study Buddhism, and visit the birthplace. In the same way, the mother of Lord Gautam Buddha was Maya Devi. You can even see the beauty of Mayadevi Gardens in that place.

Maya Devi Temple is a most sacred destination in the Lumbini, Kapilvastu. There is also a garden where archaeologists have researched and identified the place where Buddha was born. Near the Lumbini, there is an Ashoka pillar which is the actual proof that Buddha was born in Lumbini. In this place, there is a belief that newborn Gautam Buddha, a prince Siddhartha became Buddha after long meditation and knowledge. At the time of his birth, he had walked his seven steps, giving humanity a message of peace.

The actual birth land is a beautiful sal grove, a focal point of the Garden Lumbini. Talking about the mother of Buddha, Mayadevi, she was the queen of the king Suddhodhana in the district of Kapilvastu. This is the place where she took a bath and named as a sacred pond of Pushkarini for giving birth to a Siddhartha Gautam.

Maya Devi Temple

Maya Devi Temple is also one of the most famous temples in the Kapilvastu district in Lumbini. Most of the time, huge numbers of archeologists come to this place for the study of human civilization at that time.

The Buddhists built the temple as a sign of reverence for Maya Devi, the mother of Buddha. You can witness the most precious things in this area, like paintings, beautiful sculptures, bricks, and ancient statues. All of these reflect the feelings and story of past historical times in the context of Nepal.

Most Buddhist prayers visit Lumbini every year to see the Maya Devi Temple. Every time the Buddhists pray in Lumbini’s Maya Devi Temple, they demonstrate a strong belief in their religion.

2. Lumbini Garden

Lumbini Garden is a valuable site in Lumbini that is marked by a pillar made of stone. This vast stone was erected by the emperor Ashoka in 245 BC, which is historical proof.

In the garden, you can see a variety of things now. The seven footsteps of Gautam Buddha on the first day of his birth represent the symbol of peace and happiness in the world.

Talking about Buddha’s mother, Mayadevi was Shakya King’s daughter. At that time, the King of Kapilvastu, Suddhodhan, married her.

3. Tilaurakot

Tilaurakot is the capital of district Kapilvastu. The research team of many archeologists founds this, and it was also the hometown of the king of Kapilvastu Suddhodhan. If you see the history and get a chance to study Tilaurakot, you will find that Buddha spent almost 29 years there.

There is also a belief that the people of China or the Chinese Buddhist Prayers already visited Lumbini 2500 years ago. At the same time, you can get a chance to see the monasteries and stupas in these places built for thousands of centuries.

4. Kudan

Kundan’s most interesting story relates to Suddhoshan and his son Siddhartha Gautam. The main thing is that he met his son for the first time at Kundan when returning from his cosmic level of enlightenment. This is the first time his father met, and shocked by his son’s enlightenment acknowledgment. The place also lies in the south direction of the Tilaurakot in Kapilvastu.

The incorrect information that Lord Gautama Buddha was born in a different country has occasionally been spread. However, the historical and archaeological evidence is the definitive source.

Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha is a popular destination for travelers who want to explore the Buddhist culture of Nepal. A lush rainforest, the site of Lord Buddha’s birth and childhood, it is a beautiful place of spiritual significance for Buddhist pilgrims worldwide. Be sure to visit this popular Buddhist pilgrimage site if you plan on traveling to Nepal!