Nepal is the, most beautiful country in this globe. This country is rich in culture, heritage, and festivals. Nepal has many festivals that are deliberately celebrated in Nepal. There are festivals more than days and temples more than houses in Nepal. The festivals that are mostly celebrated in Nepal has the biggest importance in the existence of local life in a country. These is the festivals that are not only done inside the country but also in the outer part of the world. 

Dashain and Tihar

The Hindu’s biggest festival is Dashain and Tihar and not only the Hindu it is also the Nepalese biggest festival. Especially the celebration of Dashain is started when Goddess Durga got a victory over Evil known as Mahisashur. It has the most symbolic meaning that goes deep inside the root of the Nepalese community. In Dashain people used to decorated their houses and also, made delicious food. Playing a swing is also an awesome thing that is done in Dashain in Nepal. In the same way, Tihar is the Festival of lights everywhere it is also called Deepawali. There are the important festivals that every woman goes to their brother’s houses to celebrate together by putting tikas in a forehead. In return, the brother also provides gifts money to their sisters. This Dashain and Tihar is the festivals of joy, love sharing within the family and friends and relatives. It shows the level of harmony within the people living together and celebrating such festivals deliberately.  This is the festival that a color decorated for the presence of Goddess Laxmi that unfolds with tye social joy which is throughout the nation.

Buddha Jayanti

Buddha Jayanti is also the famous festival in Nepal which is celebrated to mark the birthdays of Lord Gautam Buddha. The dates that back on the birthday of Lord Buddha was about 543 BC. In the same way, the month of June or May on a full moon night falls as a Buddha Jayanti. The Buddhists communities and peace lovers are going to make the pilgrimage of a Buddhists religion and Buddha’s birthplace at Lumbini in the south Asian Continent of Nepal ta this Auspicious day. Buddha Jayanti is also a day of sharing happiness and peace among family friends and relatives.

Gai Jatra

Gai Jatra is a different form of the festival that is only celebrated in Nepal. This festival looks fantastic and curiosity also arises in the people after seeing this data. This has been so much popular in Nepal from the past times. This festival is generally celebrated in the months of August and September. This is specially originated by the local community of the Newari people of the capital city of Kathmandu. The festivals of the country have the most significance in the same way it is the belief in Yamaraj the god of Death. This is what we must be feared and they are hence worshipped. 

Janai Purnima

The festival Janai Purnima is the festival mostly celebrated by the Hindu community people in Nepal. On the same day of another wonderful festive Rakshya Bandhan is also one of the most wonderful festivals celebrated by the Hindu community and they tie a sacred thread prepared by the “Dharma Gurus”. Janai Purnima is the time that maintains the significance of holy festivals. In the same way, Rakshya Bandhan also makes most of the stronger respect and love between brothers and sisters. 


Teej is also another wonderful festive that is especially celebrated by the women pray for the marital bliss. They also do fasting in this festival for the long life of husband and future husband. Teej is the festival where the women get purified their own body and soul. It is the present context of the Hindu religion and the festivals that also has the connotation with the women and their rights.