In Nepal, there are mainly two types of treks based on accommodation used in the trials. They are the Teahouse trek and the camping trek. In a camping trek, you need to carry quite more gear throughout the trial for your night-stay, like a sleeping bag, tent, food, etc. And the weight of these gears will directly affect your trekking. Meanwhile, in the teahouse trek, it becomes easier where you can find basic shelter for your stay (fooding & lodging). Somehow, It is like a hotel but in the local community, a hotel means a place related to cuisine only. So the staying places are quite famous as a lodge or teahouses among the locals. As I already mentioned, in the teahouse only the basic infrastructure can be found. However, it may differ from place to place depending on the altitude of the places and connectivity with cities.

Simply, the teahouse trekking in Nepal indicates that you are going to stay one night in a local teahouse, and the next day you will start your trek to stay in another local teahouse, experiencing a unique feeling.

Here, you can get some surprising factors of the teahouse trekking in Nepal.


The most unique part of the teahouse trekking in Nepal is the Tradionality. The traditional experience of Hinduism & Buddhism will make you amazed during trekking. The traditional way of the monastery, Hindu temples, and other aspects like food, languages, social activities, and the whole lifestyle of locals will make you feel like you are in the history of human development. Nowadays some major trekking routes have modernized but still many rural trails have maintained their traditional way of lifestyle. So, one of the important components is to enjoy the Nepalese traditional lifestyle while trekking. 

People of Ethnic community

Nepal is one of the small countries but it consists of a large variety of different castes and communities. Among 120+  different communities, Raute, Chepang, Thami, Bhote, Sherpa, Thakali, Rai, Limbu, Newar, Tharu, etc are the major Indigenous communities. And you can directly meet those communities on the trail (not all communities are on a single trail but the different ethnic groups are found on different trekking routes). Those ethnic groups of people have their own culture, and perspective toward life, and after visiting such amazing communities and their beliefs, you will be surprised. Teahouse Trekking in Nepal is a great way to immerse in the culture and lifestyle of a different ethnic community. 

Society & Their Culture

Socio-culture is another surprising element that you will find in local communities on the trekking route. You can experience various cultural activities depending upon the month of your travel. For example, in Oct/Nov, you will find all the communities celebrating Dashain & Tihar (Diwali), in Dec, you will observe the surprising Lhosar (different kinds of Losar in a different month, but one is celebrated around Dec). In Nepal, all the months consist of a minimum of a cultural festival. Not only the festival but also various kinds of cultural activities are carried out. So, if you looked at the cultural side of the community during the trial, it may be another unique experience then as your plan. Teahouse Trekking in Nepal introduces you to Socio-culture of the nation. 


Of course, here you will find the Teahouse as a shelter during the trek, but if you want then you can join a family of any local people. It will be much more exciting for them as well as for you. As you know, in the teahouse, there is just basic for staying but in some major trekking routes like the Mt. Everest region, the Annapurna region, or The Langtang region, you can stay in much better lodges. They can offer you a better room & food with high amenities.

But in the peak season of trekking, such a comfortable teahouse may be fully occupied, and then you have to stay in a normal teahouse. Sometimes such a normal teahouse is also fully occupied. Regarding the bed and the rooms, they are not well enough for your comfort on a normal teahouse but they are enough to rest and to relieve the tiredness of the whole walking day. The wall of the room might be quite thin so it is better if you carry the earplugs for your better sleep. Trekker also carries the sleeping bag, as it may be useful if the environment may become very cold, and the sheets of the teahouse may be very dirty. 

Food & Beverage

The typical food in Nepal is ‘Dal-Bhat-Tarkari’ and it is available wherever you go. Except for Dal-Bhat, you can get some local foods and beverages, and in some places, you can get the western recipe too. Vegetarian meals are easily available. And I suggest you take a fresh one after a look at the menu. Due to the high altitude, more of the items are brought from a low elevation. So, some kinds of meals can make you sick on the trek so I again request to focus on the fresh ones. Most of the teahouse has almost the same recipe. 

With the name Tea-House, you can easily get tea in all the places. After tea, you can get Coffee, Juice, Eggs, Sausage, Honey/Jam/Butter, Chapati, Tibetan Bread, Hash Brown Potatoes, etc as breakfast.  And for Lunch & Dinner, you can get Dal-Bhat-Tarkari, Pakauda, Mo-Mo, potatoes, chips, Popcorn, Pasta, Noodles, Chow-Mein, Fried rice, Pizza, Sandwiches, Spring Rolls, Desert, etc.

TeaHouse Etiquette

At the teahouse, you will get a warm welcome with good black tea(the cost of tea will be added to your bill). In maximum cases, All the members of the teahouse will be talkative and will treat you like their close relatives. But they are too busy to make a service for you. Almost all the tea houses are used to run by the local owner, themself. And their whole family will be involved there for good service as possible. So, you will feel okay with them, and it may surprise you after engaging with them.

Showers & Toilets

Almost all teahouses serve you the common toilets, although in some teahouses of most visited routes you can get the attached one too. The maximum teahouse has showers of cold water due to the lack of electricity, but some of them offer you hot water showers as well, but they can charge you for it. It is far better if you carry toilet paper for yourself. And also don’t forget to carry a hand sanitizer. The quality of showers & toilets won’t be very bad but it may not be as good as your home’s. So, please don’t expect too high a quality of it. Some of the standard teahouses may offer you a better one too.

Electricity, Network & Internet

One of the features of the trek in the Himalayas is to live in the present rather than live in the virtual world (social media, electronic world). So, the connection is quite poor in the trial but for your good communication, it’s better if you carry one mobile’s SIM from Kathmandu. In maximum places, the network is available(not too good). For the internet (WiFi) in the teahouses, it is available but they will charge you. And also for the use of electricity, for charging mobile phone/ camera batteries, or any electronic devices, you need to pay. In rural areas, the cost of electricity, network & internet is quite expensive, so they charged you although it seems a bit slow in connectivity speed.


Natural beauty is the most amazing and unbelievable element throughout the trek. From the shining sun in the east to the sunset in the west, you can observe the heavenly wonders. In simple words, the teahouse trekking in Nepal is the synonym for hiking on the dream. Not only to observe but also you can feel nature from waking up early in the morning with a warm cup of tea to laying on the bed with the flow of the wind, you can enjoy the beauty of nature. The golden mountain during sunlight and the silvery mountain with the light of the moon. 

The mixed sound of the sacred rivers of the Himalayas and the Cuckoo. The sacred jungle and the beautiful waterfall. Here, it won’t be finished by writing, so you need to come for a trek to experience the nature of the Himalayas, to experience the vibes of the Himalayas.

Landscape & panoramic views

The beautiful views of the landscape are another surprise of the trek. Uphill and downhill are enjoyable. The beautiful panoramic views of the distanced mountain with a clear background of blue sky, you can’t close your eyes after seeing such views. And the endangered species of flora & fauna on the trekking trail is the most memorable creature by nature.

Teahouse Trekking in Nepal lets you explore the Himalayas. It is always an adventure and enjoyable activity for people all over the world. It could be a life-changing activity for you as you are going to experience a quite different environment here.

Thank you for your complete reading.

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