Everest region trek is always has been the most fascinating trek in world history. Everest trek is mostly loved by the trekkers around the world.  The most amazing people like adventurers around the globe have been traveling the Everest region of the country every year in the thousands and thousands of numbers. The most popular Everest base camp trek is the wonderful chance to get up to the close and personal viewing of the massif of the Himalayas including the world’s highest mountain with the awe-inspiring moment. 

The journey to the region of Khumbu will lead through the storied in Everest of Nepal home to the unrivaled beauty of nature. In including such of amazing things, you can also experience the timeless traditions and values of local Sherpa culture in this region. From the starting or initial phase, you will trek to the breathtaking region that is filled with the lush green forests, mountainside villages, towering glaciers, and stark cliffs. In the same way at the very top of the planet, we can also see the fusion of cultural and pristine wilderness valleys and landscapes of the region really attract the tourists every time.  

Talking about the New era trekking to the Everest base camp, the region of Everest has developed the many infrastructures to be in the destination. The Khumbu region has always been the most visited places in terms of Everest base camp trek comparing to the other region of a country. From the past era, people are curious about visiting the Everest region and making a lifetime experience.

The people in the Everest region are facilitating the food, lodges services which have been adapted well to make the right influx of the visitors making the most special region in the world. The flight has not changed so that you have to take a flight from the capital city Kathmandu to Lukla. The main thing about the development likely is the runway. The runway has been pitched and previously we should land in a rough and muddy runway so there may be a higher risk. The main challenge that needs to be addressed is a condition of the road that is all way up to Kharikhola. Khaikhola is almost 19.3 km away from the place of Lukla

On further moving to the trails about fifty percent of travelers look more prepared and have come up with the right clothes, gears and respect having a trained for a month. It seems like they are fully prepared for this kind of amazing life-changing trekking adventure. At the same time, fifty percent of trekkers are under the level of preparations and risk-taking moreover without perfect gears and tools while climbing Everest. Talking about the lodges and food sector in the region you can easily access it but you can get such facilities when you, move higher and it will be a bit challenging for you.

Another challenging part of this region is the altitude pressure or sickness. Most people get sickness unfortunately with the altitude sickness and you will not have any option to move higher so you should descend down. In the same way, if you suffer from cold, fever you and other haunted illness then you should be quickly taken to Kathmandu city.