Manaslu base camp trek is one of the most popular and spectacular treks in the mountain region of a country. In the higher altitude region of a country, it circles the world’s eight highest Himalayan massifs Manaslu which is also known for Kuang. It is located at a higher altitude of 8,163m above sea level. We will be trekking from the Ancient salt- trading trail throughout the region of a Circuit trek of Manaslu in the Nepal Himalayas. In the nearer part of the Tibetian border which is around 100km in the northwest of the capital. This region is hidden for a long time in the world until 1991.

In the altitude of Larke pass above 5160m that links with Annapurna with the Manaslu region in Nepal. After that, your cool and amazing journey started along Annapurna and Manaslu. Most of travelers around the world preferred a trek to this region as a better destination for the classical trek to the Circuit trek of Annapurna.

The trek to the  Annapurna region is slowly losing its beauty and charm due to bad road construction in most of the route of region. As we know the route get started in 1991 and also became more popular only after the year 2010. The trekking destination is a glorious destination for adventure lovers who want to move on for the wilderness experience in life. 

Permit of a trek to Manaslu

It lies in the east range of the Himalayan range of Annapurna in Nepal. It is also a restricted area trekking destination, so the government of Nepal applied for a special permit and commitment for Manaslu trekking. Some of the permits you need for trekking are

Manaslu restricts a permit,
– Manaslu Conservation Area Project Permit, also known as MCAP, and finally,
– Annapurna Conservation Area Project Permit, also known as ACAP.

Food and Accommodation

This region consists of teahouses and lodges and even you can go for a camping trek in this region. You will find most of the accommodation is looked at as if cheap. As you move upper altitude automatically the costs for the food items started to hike. The food menu for this especially Dal Bhat, Noodles, pizza, potatoes, etc as the main course. Muesli, Tibetan bread, oats, etc for the breakfast is given here.

Packing lists

According to the variation in altitude in this trekking activity 6000 m at Soti Khola to 5,179m high Larke pass)and beautiful atmosphere. It is highly difficult to carry all of your bags at higher altitudes. Some of the packing list areas are mentioned.

A couple of lavish things, for example, Solar charger, down booties, iPod, Kindle, GPS, and other electronic contraptions.
– A down jacket, gore-tex trousers, thick woolen half socks, and a pair of down gloves.
– Soap for washing hanky, socks, and innerwear, especially in the evening before dinner.
– Hiking boots are good with spare laces – Camp shoes (sneakers and/or sandals).
– Sunglass is essential.
– A resting sack and a down coat for chilly mornings and high elevations.