The month of December in Nepal is the starting month for the winter season. This month is also the most suitable for the trek to various parts of the country.

From the end of December to February, the weather is pleasant during the daytime in any beautiful places in Nepal. At such times the days look sunny and dry. Same time in the Himalayas, the temperature level will start to drop significantly in the evening in Nepal.

In December, trekking is almost possible for the whole month. Eventually, in the first half of December, usually in various regions of a country are more preferred and comfortable trekking and other tourism-related activities.

Talking about the temperature level of a country, the temperature in the lower part of Nepal looks less cold. Still, the temperature level also starts to decrease when you go higher and higher in the Himalayas.

It shows that the higher altitude region does not suit and is not recommended at the time of December. Trekking below the elevation of 4000m is more accessible, safe, and comfortable for trekking here in Nepal.

Nepal in December

Most of the regions in Nepal are Everest, Langtang, and Annapurna. Treks are pretty possible during this month. At the same time, some other well-known trekking destinations in the country, such as Simikot and Mustang. Those areas are closed during December due to the problem of heavy snowfall.

As Nepal has a short winter season, this will help you to visit different areas of the country in the early month of December for trekking in the mountain peaks or regions.

December month has brought so many things in Nepal, as farmers start to harvest their paddy and start to plant wheat. In the same way, in the Himalayas region of Nepal, you will get to know many things and experience the most awaited food and drinks with the hospitality of local people.

Trekking in Nepal is not ordinary, but you also need some prior experience in your hometown or other places you have trekked. As well as in some areas of our country in terms of trekking little experience is quite ok for you because you should not have to go through the problematic ecological region.

In Nepal, the month of December starts from mid-Mangsir to mid-Poush. It means this month is the coldest, so you must bring warm clothes like a jacket with fur, boots with warm socks and so on.

We will discuss the dress code and other related things in the lists of equipment needed for trekking in Nepal. We can say that the most preferred things you need to bring are warm and some snacks that will help you during a trek to various regions of a country.

Trekking in Nepal will take you to various Himalayas regions like the Everest region, Annapurna region, the Manaslu region, Kanchenjunga region, and so on.

Trekking in December can be the most exciting experience you will get when you trek to the various regions of a country.

Valuable Tips for Trekking in Nepal in December

The winter season is not as severe as in other regions or parts of the globe. Nepal’s Himalayan and hilly region always has a bit of a cold morning and evening. On the other hand, afternoon or daytime looks quite sunny and warm.

Despite the regional climatic condition and temperature level of the Nepal trekking region, trekking has huge benefits during this time. The month of December even makes trekking more fun during this time up to next or until the altitude of 3000m above sea level.

Here are some valuable tips for trekking in Nepal in December:

  • Since December is winter, you need to prepare for cold and snowfall. Thus, you need to dress up in layers.
  • Having warm feet is essential when trekking in winter. So, it would help if you carried sturdy boots for trekking in the snow.
  • If you are not an experienced trekker, you can trek in the lower altitudes.
  • It would help if you stay hydrated. So, you must drink plenty of water while on the trail and always keep a full bottle of water with you.
  • If you are trekking over an altitude of 2500 meters, you need to be aware of the symptoms and precautions of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS).
  • Before heading to your trekking destination, you must learn about the local communities. This will help you in communicating with them and learning about their culture.
  • During December, you shouldn’t go trekking on your own. Hire a guide or go with an experienced group of people. You never know when you will encounter bad weather in the Himalayas.

Weather Conditions in December in Nepal

Sometimes Nepal’s climate varies from one destination to another due to the diverse geographical features. In the country’s northern region, summers are pretty cool, and winters are seen as harsh.
At the same time, in the southern region of a country, the season of summers looks tropical, and the winters are seen as mild.

In the same way, in the hilly region or capital city Kathmandu Valley, the climatic condition is mild, with the average temperature that goes from 2 degrees Celsius to 12 degrees Celcius to the sub-region it shows zero degrees Celsius.

Highlights of Trekking in Nepal in December

The seasons like spring and Autumn are the most reputed for trekking activities in Nepal. At the same time, trek to the various countries in December always shows us its distinct advantages. There will be some rain rarely seen in December and a clear blue crystal sky during trekking in the various parts of the country.

The slight snowfall also can be seen in the higher elevation of various regions in December in Nepal. In the same way, in the lower forms of land in Nepal, you will be experiencing quite comfortable temperatures for trekking.

Enjoy the essence of the most unique and enjoyable breathtaking momentum from the land of the snow-capped Himalayas in the various parts of a country.

In the context of Nepal tourism accessibility, the winter season is regarded as the off-trekking season. So that we don’t even recommend you to trek to various regions. Moreover, you will face other issues related to accommodation services at tea houses.

In winter, even the busiest trekking destination or trail remains less crowded in December.

Nepal is the most glorious trekking destination for a lot of tourists. In fact, tourists from various parts of the globe want to enjoy their holidays in this country during the occasions like New year, Christmas, and so forth.

December will provide you with the most awaited opportunity to fulfill all your desires and dreams in the Himalayas region of the country.

Best Trekking Destination in Nepal in December

Everest Panorama Trek in December

  • Breathtaking view of Mt. Everest and other high mountain peaks
  • The lush green vegetation of Sagarmatha National park
  • View diverse flora and fauna
  • The famous Sherpa Village: Namche Bazaar
  • Visit the highest Buddhist monastery in the Khumbu region: Tengboche Monastery
  • Explore the unique culture, traditions, and lifestyle of the local Sherpa people

Ghorepani Poonhill Trek December

  • Picturesque sunrise view over the Annapurna range
  • Breathtaking mountain views: Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Nilgiri, Mt. Machhapuchhre, and Lamjung Himal
  • Visit a charming Gurung Village: Ghorepani Village
  • Walk around the beautiful lake city of Pokhara
  • Explore distinct traditions and heritages

Langtang Valley Trek in December

  • Langtang National Park, the second largest national park in Nepal
  • Visit typical old Tibetan villages
  • Explore the Tamang culture, traditions, and lifestyles
  • Spectacular mountain views such as Ganesh Himal, Langtang Lirung, and Langtang -II
  • Visit culturally rich villages like Syabrubesi, Reimche, Ghoda Tabela, and Langtang village

Equipment List for Trekking in Nepal in December

Most people in Nepal are mainly worried about the mountain’s condition filled with heavy snow, strong winter winds, and unbearable low temperature.

At the same time, if you choose the right equipment and warm trekking things like clothes and jackets, you will make your trek more than awesome. The temperature level that falls frequently is not even a big problem here.

On the following lists of groups of trekking gear, we have mentioned the most important tools or winter protective materials needed for trekking to the most glorious destination of the world. These are the essential pieces of equipment that you need to carry while trekking in this region.


  • Duffel or Rucksack Bag
  • Daypack
  • Down jacket
  • Sleeping bag


  • Sun hat or scarf
  • Light balaclava or warm fleece hat
  • Sunglasses with UV protection


  • Thin, lightweight inner socks
  • Thick, warm wool hiking socks
  • Hiking boots with spare laces
  • Camp shoes (sneakers/sandals)
  • Gaiters for hiking in winter


  • Lightweight gloves
  • Heavyweight gloves or mittens
  • Waterproof shell outer

Lower Body

  • Undergarments
  • Lightweight cotton long pants
  • Light and expedition weight thermal bottoms
  • Fleece or wool pants
  • Waterproof shell pants (preferably breathable fabric)

Upper Body

  • T-shirts
  • Light and expedition weight thermal tops
  • Fleece jacket or pullover
  • Fleece Wind-Stopper Jacket
  • Waterproof shell Jacket


  • Sleeping bag rated to zero degrees
  • Headlamp with spare bulbs and batteries
  • Trekking Bags/Duffel bag
  • Basic First Aid Kit
  • Large plastic bags- for keeping items dry inside trekking bag
  • Day pack
  • Trekking poles
  • Water bottles
  • Ear plug (optional if you can’t sleep listening to snores of your group members)

Toiletries and Personal Hygiene

  • Quick drying towel
  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste
  • Multipurpose soap/ hand wash
  • Deodorants
  • Face and Body Moisturizer
  • Wet wipes
  • Tissue / Toilet roll
  • Antibacterial handwash
  • Feminine Hygiene products

Extra / Luxuries (Optional)

  • Camera
  • Binoculars
  • Trail Map/ Guide Book
  • Sleeping bag liner
  • Pillowcase
  • Conclusion


To sum up, we can say that December for trekking activities are regarded as excellent and enjoyable. This month will provide you with a wide range of transparent mountain views with low humidity in various parts of a country.