Everest 3 Passes 3 Peaks Trek


USD 3499


25 Days

Trip Grade


Max Altitude

6,189 m




Private Vehicle/Tourist Bus/Flight

Group Size

02 Minimum

Best Season

Autumn & Spring

Everest 3 Passes 3 Peaks Trek Brief Insight

The Everest 3 Passes 3 Peaks Trek is an enticing journey that reaches the summit of three marvelous peaks and three mountain passes. Beginning with the Renjo La Pass (5360m), the pass spectacularly reveals the Gokyo Lakes. The Cho La Pass(5420m) and Lobuche Peak (6119m) combine to offer sublime Himalayan scenery. Finally, the Kongma La Pass (5535m) and Island Peak (6189m) culminate the entire trek in a mesmerizing panorama of the Himalayas like the Mt. Everest (8848m), Ama Dablam (6856m), and Lhotse (8414m).

Getting There

The journey begins from the Kathmandu Valley as we head towards the Khumbu region. A short flight to Lukla signals our entry into the Everest region followed by a trek towards Phakding. Enjoying the pleasant landscapes, the trail takes us to Namche Bazaar, the Gateway to Everest. Crossing the hamlets of Thame and Lumde brings us to the base of Renjo La the first of our mountain passes. Soon after, you come across the breath-taking Renjo La Pass (5360m). We arrive at equally stunning Gokyo Lakes from where we trek to Dragnag. Crossing the Cho La Pass (5420m) takes us to Dzongla. From here, we make our way to the summit of Lobuche East (6119m).

Making our way past Kongma La, the final of our mountain passes, the trail heads towards the summit of Pokalde (5806m) before resting at Chhukung. The summit of Island Peak (6189m) is the final of our mountain summits which also offers the most stunning views. Heading back the trail takes us through the vibrant hamlets of Dingboche and Tengboche all the way down to Namche. Hereafter, we head to Lukla, ending our journey. One of the most arduous trips, the journey is best when done in spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) seasons.  

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Everest 3 Passes 3 Peaks Trek Highlights

Highlights of Everest 3 Passes 3 Peaks Trek

  • Witness the panorama of some of the highest peaks in the world including the Mt. Everest (8848m), Cho Oyu (8188m), Lhotse (8414m), and Nuptse (7861m)
  • Relish at the sights of the beautiful Gokyo Lakes
  • Cross 3 different Himalayan passes; namely, Renjo La (5360m), Cho La (5420m), and Kongma La (5535m)
  • Summit 3 different peaks; namely, Lobuche Peak (6119m), Pokalde Peak (5806m), and Lobuche Peak (6189m)
  • Explore the Sagarmatha National park and the incredible biodiversity that it hosts
  • Experience the culture and hospitality of the Sherpa communities

Detailed Itinerary

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu (1300m)

After arriving at Tribhuvan International Airport our representatives will meet up with you and you will be driven directly to the hotel. After freshening up you will be introduced with the guides and other members of the staff who will also brief you on the trek. With the activities of the day over you are free to head into the local areas. Overnight in Kathmandu.

Day 02: Kathmandu to the Khumbu and your first camp at Phakding (2,610m)

The day begins early as we make our way heading deep into the Khumbu region. Flying out of the valley, the journey takes us to Lukla which is also home to one of the most thrilling airstrips. Taking a brief rest at Lukla, we begin our trek heading towards Phakding. The journey is a pleasant one with mesmerizing lush green forests guiding the trail for the most part. Overnight in Phakding.

Day 03: Trek to the famous Sherpa capital, Namche Bazaar (3,440m)

Today, we head to the hamlet of Namche Bazaar. Trekking from Phakding, the journey heads towards a series of suspension bridges moving through the hamlets of Monjo and Chhuthawa. Crossing Bengkar brings us the hamlet of Jorsalle which also marks our entry to Sagarmatha National Park. The final stretch of the day guides us through the pleasant hilly trail covered by floras and faunas all the way to Namche. Overnight in Namche.

Day 04: Acclimatization in Namche

Today, we take a day off in Namche to let our bodies acclimatize with the changing altitudes of the region. A day off in Namche is the perfect opportunity to head down to the local region familiarizing ourselves with the local culture. Alternatively, we can also hike to surrounding areas to witness the Himalayas. The hamlets of Khumjung and Khunde offers the perfect days hike with the hamlet of Khumjung housing what is believed to be a skull of a Yeti. The Everest View Hotel is also another familiar place for a day hike which offers unobstructed views of the majestic Himalayan ranges. Overnight in Namche.

Day 05: Trek from Namche to Thame (3,844m)

Journeying on the side of a canyon, the trail heads in and out of the lush green forests with teahouses on regular intervals. Heading through the suspension bridge over the Bhote Koshi Khola, the journey leads to Thame. The hamlet is also home of the legendary climber Apa Sherpa who summited the Mt. Everest (8,848m) 21 times. Here, you can also visit the Thame Monastery. Overnight in Thame.

Day 06: Trek from Thame to ancient Himalayan villages lead to Lumde (4,368m)

The trail gains altitudes as we climb out of Thame and towards Lumde. The route was used by traders to transfer goods to Tibet in ancient times. The journey follows the Bhote Koshi River upstream heading past the stunning hamlets of Yilajung, Taranga, and Dinjung before we break into Lumde. Overnight in Lumde.

Day 07: Trek from Lumde to Renjo La Base Camp (4,900m)

Today, we head towards the Renjo La Base Camp located at an altitude of 4,900m. The journey is a short one as we tread carefully through the icy trails leading away from the settlements. Guided by the mesmerizing views of the silvery Himalayas on the horizon, the journey takes us to the foot of the Renjo La Pass for the night. Overnight in the Renjo La Base Camp.

Day 08: Pass 1: Cross the Renjo La (5,360m) to Gokyo Lakes (4,790m)

The first of our mountain passes, today, we head over the Renjo La and towards the stunning Gokyo Lakes. The journey is a pleasant one filled with views of the Himalayas as we carefully navigate past the icy Himalayan trail and towards the pass. With the majestic views of Cho Oyu (8188m), Everest (8848m), Lhotse (8414m), Cholatse (6335m), and Taboche (6367m), we descend from the pass. The gradual downhill trail leads us to Gokyo Village. Overnight in Gokyo Village.

Day 09: Trek from Gokyo Lake to Dragnag (4700m)

The journey takes us towards the glacial moraines as we prepare our crossing over the Ngozumpa Glacier. The trail is marked by stone cairns as we head through the rocky pathways carefully navigating past small lakes. The journey comes to an end as you see fluttering prayer flags on the horizon which marks our entry in Dragnag. Overnight in Dragnag.

Day 10: Pass2: Cross Cho La Pass (5420m) to Dzongla (4830m)

Today, the journey heads to the second of our mountain pass the Cho La Pass (5,420m). The journey takes us through the rocky Himalayan landscape as the silvery Himalayas adorn the horizon. The Himalayan pass is one of the most frequented mountain passes of the region and boasts stunning views of the Everest Himalayan Range. Crossing the Himalayan pass takes us to Dzongla for the night.

Day 11: Trek from Dzongla to Lobuche Basecamp (4865m)

Today we head towards the basecamp of Lobuche (6,119m). The journey offers the captivating Himalayan sights as our constant companion alongside the rocky Himalayan pathways. The journey heading to the base camp is a steeper one as we tread through the snowy pathways. Trekking on moraines and barren lands, we head all the way to Lobuche Base Camp. Overnight in Lobuche Base Camp.

Day 12: Peak 1: Summit Lobuche East (6119m) and back to Lobuche Basecamp

The first of our Himalayan peaks today we summit the stunning Lobuche (6,119m) from the eastern ridge. Heading up the peak, we make use of our equipment following the instructions laid out by the team leader. The journey takes us the edge of the Himalayas providing a window seat to witness the eye-catching the beauty of Mt. Everest (8,848m), Nuptse (7,861m), Changtse (7,543m), and Lhotse (8,414m) alongside the other Himalayas. We head back to the base camp for the night.

Day 13: Trek from Lobuche Basecamp to Kongma La High camp (5758m)

From one Himalayan base camp to the High Camp of another Himalayan pass, the journey today takes us through the high altitudes region. Heading towards the Kongma La High Camp, we join the company of the Khumbu Glacier. The trail is a desolate one and has little to none human settlements. Through the snowy pathways, the trail ascends towards the Kongma La High Camp for the night.

Day 14: Pass 3: Cross Kongma La Pass to Pokalde Basecamp (4400m)

Today, we head out of the Kongma La Base Camp and cross the Kongma La Pass (5535m). The trail leads us the right to the base camp of Pokalde (5,806m). The journey is another snow fest as the icy pathways do little to ease our journey. Making our way past the steeper sections, we summit the Kongma La pass enjoying the stunning views of the Himalayas. Descending through Kongma La, we head to the base camp of Pokalde.

Day 15: Trek from Basecamp to Pokalde High Camp (5000m)

One of the shorter days of the trek today we make our way heading towards the Pokalde High Camp. The journey takes us the right to the heart of the Himalayan region guided by the majestic Himalayas on the horizon. Upon arriving at High Camp, we prepare to summit the majestic Himalayas. Overnight in Pokalde High Camp.

Day 16: Peak 2: Summit Pokalde and back to Chhukung (4730m)

The day begins early as we make our way through the steep pathways heading towards the summit of Pokalde (5,806m). One of the easier peaks, this peak climbing offers a little technical challenge. Even though the mountain peak is dwarfed by its stunning neighbors, it still offers stunning views of the entire Everest Himalayan range. Enjoying the stunning views from the summit, we descend down to Chhukung. Overnight in Chhukung.

Day 17: Rest Day at Chhukung

Today, we take a rest at Chhukung halting our impressive run of conquering the majestic Himalayas and mountain passes. The hamlet of Chhukung is a lovely place to celebrate a laid back day in the Himalayas. The local culture never fails to amaze us and the locals are always more than welcoming towards trekkers and visitors. Overnight in Chhukung.

Day 18: Trek to Island Peak Base Camp (4970m)

Today, we head towards the final of our Himalayan peaks. The Island Peak or Imja Tse (6,189m) is set adrift from the stunning Himalayan ranges like an island in the sea. The steep trail heads towards the south before turning towards the Lhotse Glacier. Making our way past the glacial moraines of Imja Tse and Lhotse, the journey reaches the Island Peak Base Camp. Overnight in Island Peak Base Camp.

Day 19: Peak 3: Summit Island Peak and back to base camp

The final of our mountain peaks today we summit the stunning Imja Tse. Making our way past the snowy pathways as we make the use of ropes on various parts for the extra support. The summit provides stunning views of Nuptse (7,861m), Lhotse (8,414m), Lhotse Shar (8,383m) and Mt. Makalu (8,463m) alongside the majestic Himalayas of Everest Himalayan Range. The journey then heads back to base camp for the night.

Day 20: Trek to Dingboche (4410m)

With the Himalayas to our back, we make our way towards Dingboche. The trail descends through the rocky Himalayan pathways to the Hilly flatlands leaving behind the snowy landscapes. The decreasing altitudes are marked by the increased number of settlements and the green pasture lands. Passing Chhukung, we trek along the Imja River and Ama Dablam Glacier. The descending trail takes us to Dingboche after a few hours. Overnight in Dingboche.

Day 21: Trek to Tengboche (3860m)

The journey takes us through Mani stones and Chortens as the trail is much more populated down in the region. Firstly, we reach Orsho, shortly followed by Somare. Thereon, we head to Debuche to make a final ascent to Tengboche. The hamlet of Tengboche also houses the famed Tengboche Monastery, also the oldest in the region. Overnight in Tengboche.

Day 22: Trek to Namche (3440m)

The final stretch of the trek commences as we make our way back to Namche. The journey enters the lush green forests adorned with pine, fir, and rhododendron trees. Journeying back, we are welcomed by the exquisite beauty of the Sagarmatha National Park which houses a wide variety of floras and faunas. We trek past the villages of Kyangjuma and Sanasa to arrive at Namche. Overnight in Namche Bazaar.

Day 23: Trek to Lukla (2840m)

The final day of our trek we make our way back to the hamlet of Lukla. The journey is a pleasant one as we bid goodbye to the Himalayas entering the winding trails of Sagarmatha National Park. Exiting the national park, the journey takes us along the Dudh Koshi River. Finally, we end up right back at the picturesque town of Lukla. Overnight in Lukla.

Day 24: Fly Lukla to Kathmandu (1300m)

The day is an early one as we head out of Lukla taking off through one of the most thrilling airstrips. With one final chance to witness the majestic Himalayas, the journey takes us back to the bustling city of Kathmandu. Back in the valley, we head directly to our hotel for freshening up from the days of trekking. With the journey to an end, you are free to spend the rest of the day as you wish. Overnight in Kathmandu.

Day 25: Departure

Once again our representatives will drop you back to Tribhuvan International Airport just in time for your flight back home. We hope you had a lovely time with us and we look forward to seeing you again.

What is included in Everest 3 Passes 3 Peaks Trek

  • Airport picks up and drops by private Car.
  • Domestic flights (Kathmandu- Lukla -Kathmandu).
  • Airport taxes.
  • Guided city tour in Kathmandu by private vehicle.
  • Meals during the trek (Breakfast Lunch & Dinner) and Tea or Coffee.
  • Guest House (Lodge) during the trek.
  • 2 nights in Kathmandu and provide breakfast.
  • License holder Guide.
  • Porter service during the trek (one porter for two Guest).
  • All Government and Local Taxes.
  • All necessary paperwork and trekking permits (National Park Permit, TIMS).
  • Guide and porter salary.
  • Guide & Porter insurance during the trekking.
  • Farewell dinner with Typical Nepali culture.

What is Excluded

  • Nepalese visa fee.
  • Lunch & dinner at Kathmandu.
  • Trekking gear.
  • International flights.
  • Travel and rescue insurance.
  • personal expenses such as all Bar Bills Alcoholic or non Alcoholic Beverage drinks, phone and Laundry.
  • Hot Shower.
  • Tips for guide and porters.