Hattiban Rock Climbing

Hattiban Rock Climbing Brief Insight

Hattiban Rock Climbing is one of the most well-known sites when it comes to rock climbing. Frequently visited by experts and skilled climbers, the majestic cliff lies towards the southern ends of the valley. Located en route to the holy temple of Dakshinkali, the journey takes about an hour from Kathmandu with stunning views of temples and the valley. While the cliff itself is challenging and technical, it is accompanied by stunning views of nature and instills a feeling of calmness as you find the next handhold. The 10 different routes mapped across the rock also give you a wide variety of options. The weather during the spring and autumn seasons are the most appropriate for Hattiban Rock Climbing.

Detailed Itinerary

An hour drive from Thamel to Hattiban

Once all the equipment is checked, we make our way to the hamlet of Hattiban located towards the south. The journey takes about an hour accompanied by stunning views of nature. From the main stop at Hattiban, the climbing site is about a 10-minute hike up the forest.

Rock Climbing and Drive back to Thamel

Next, we take on the sheer rock cliff of Hattiban. Conquering the vertical rock face, we head down to the village for proper lunch before making our way back to the valley.