Lele Godavari Motorcycle Tour


2 Days

Trip Grade


Max Altitude

1538 m





Group Size

02 Minimum

Best Season

Autumn & Spring

Lele Godavari Motorcycle Tour Brief Insight

Lele Godavari Motorcycle Tour gives a perfect opportunity to be a part of the rural lifestyle of Nepal in a short distance from Kathmandu itself. The trip offers scenic natural views of the outskirt hills of the Kathmandu Valley including the background of the Himalayas. Weaving through the Godavari Botanical Garden, its beauty and natural prosperity offer plenty of opportunities to watch various species of birds. Patan, the paragon of art and architecture, adds a flair of cultural magnificence on the tour.

The motorcycle ride to Lele and Godavari begins from the city of Kathmandu. We head out through the cobbled streets and dusty roads toward the lush green hills surrounding the valley. A favorite route for bikers and hikers alike, the journey is mostly uphill as the twisty bends wrap around the tranquil forests.

At a short distance of around 14 kilometers, the motorbike ride heads towards Lele. Enjoying the mesmerizing views alongside the calming atmosphere, the journey reaches Lele. The hamlet is home to the famous temple of Tika Bhairav dedicated to Lord Shiva. Located at the confluence of the Lele and Nallu rivers, the region is primarily occupied by the Newar community.

This ethnic group is indigenous to the hills around Kathmandu Valley and showcases masterful proficiency at continuing their age-old traditions. Moving on, the trail winds towards the southeast taking us to the enchanting botanical garden at the Godavari. The garden hosts plants of several species and also various trout farms can be seen en route. The next day, we head back to Patan and enjoy the unique cultural display there. Finally, the journey ends with a ride back to Kathmandu.

We, here at Nepal Alibaba Treks, are always up for a short journey filled with promises for memorable trips. If you are short on time and want to experience the beauty of nature, Lele Godavari Motorcycle Tour is the best option for you. We will manage your transportation and accommodation as per your requests for the trip as well.

Highlights of Lele Godavari Motorcycle Tour

  • Enjoy the stunning natural beauty of Hilly Nepal
  • The chance to observe the unique culture of the Newar community at Lele
  • Ride through the culturally decorated city of Patan
  • Explore the naturally prosperous Godavari Botanical Garden

Detailed Itinerary

Day 01: Kathmandu-Lele-Godavari |30 Km |6-7 Hrs

The journey begins from the valley as we make our way to the hills getting away from the crowded streets. The journey takes us through the natural views along the ride to Lele. A glorious village surrounded by abundant natural beauty and the unique culture of the Newar communities to keep us company throughout the journey. We also take some time off before entering Lele to make our way to Tika Bhairav, one of the famous temples of the region. Following the river towards the south, the journey heads to the Godavari as we arrive at the botanical garden for the night. Overnight stay at the Godavari.

Day 02: Godavari-Patan-Kathmandu|20 Km |2-3 Hrs

The day kicks off as we make our way back to Patan and it is quite a short one. Listed under the UNESCO world heritage sites the cultural city takes us on a nostalgic trip through history. The art and architectures are the major focus here and their impeccable design added with the history of the place leaves many in awe. The city also houses the palaces of the ancient kings and goes on to explain the prosperity of the city throughout ancient times. Enjoying the culture and history of Patan we make our way back to Kathmandu which ends our journey.