Nagarjun Rock Climbing

Nagarjun Rock Climbing Brief Insight

The Nagarjun rock climbing site is one of the most popular rock climbing destinations in Nepal. It offers a wide choice when it comes to difficulty. Located at a distance of just 3 kilometers outside the Kathmandu valley, the journey takes us to Nagarjun hill. The hill is famous for the diverse cast of wildlife it hosts. The 55-meter high limestone cliffs boast more than 21 routes. The participants can ascend as per their preferences. Depending on the weather, you might just see the snowy tops of the majestic Annapurna range on the horizon, along with the stunning views of the valley during Nagarjun rock climbing.

Detailed Itinerary

20 Mins drive from Thamel to Nagarjun Forest

After ensuring everything is ready, we head towards the designated site which takes about 20 minutes from Kathmandu. Located just at a distance of 3 kilometers, Nagarjun is the closest site to the valley when it comes to Rock Climbing.

Rock Climbing and Drive back to Thamel

Scaling the 55-meter vertical rock wall after selecting the perfect route for your difficulty level, we head back to the valley where a lovely lunch awaits us.