The Last Resort Bungee Jumping

The Last Resort Bungee Jumping Brief Insight

Located on top of a gorge close to the Tibetan border, The Last Resort Bungee Jumping allows you to take on a daring adventure activity over the Himalaya-fed Bhote Koshi River. The highest bungee jump in Nepal (160 meters) is staffed with professionals of the highest pedigree and expertise. The bridge was specially designed for the purpose of bungee and the architecture of the bridge itself is magnificent. The bungee jump from the bridge offers the longest bungee freefall in the world. Along with the jump, you can also enjoy the lush flora and fauna that surrounds The Last Resort. While you are staying at the last resort, you can also add rock climbing, rafting, or canyoning to your schedule.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 01: Drive from Kathmandu Lakeside to Bungee Spot (Borderland) around 3-4 Hours | O/N Stay

From Kathmandu, you drive to the bungee spot which is located near the Tibetan border. You ride along the Araniko Highway enjoying the scenic views of the lush hills, rivers, and mountains. Upon reaching the jump location, you can fill the necessary documents before the jump.

Day 02: Bungee |Drive Back to Kathmandu |3-4 Hrs

After breakfast, you head to the bungee spot. The jump operators will equip you with all the necessary attachments and materials for the jump. The jump plummets you through the gorge and takes you on the longest bungee freefall in the world. After the jump, you return back to the hotel. If you have some other plans like rafting or rock climbing, you can extend the stay at Last Resort. If not then you drive back to Kathmandu in the evening.