Nepal is an Astonishing and the majority home country of Himalayan in the world. Let’s began your trip by exploring the magnificence of flora and fauna, snow-capped mountains, fascinating culture, diverse ethnic groups. Talking about the village tourism of Nepal, it is like a stunning tourism activity that can be conducted in Nepal. Village tourism is a fascinating activity with hearty welcome behavior, friendliness of the village people. You will definitely feel more like a home where you can join with the family members of that village. It is special hospitality provided by whole family members and also varies with the familiarity that you have never enjoyed in your life. It’s like a very new concept that has been emerged in the Nepalese tourism industry.  This kind of tour will provide you a chance to explore the real-life of people in villages unlike you even spent some time in the villages in a short time of trekking. You even get to know about food and its tastes. Those foods are made inside a neat and clean kitchen which are Hygenic and delicious in nature.

Nepal also has led so many development workers and entrepreneurs to create some alternatives in the history of trave and tourism in various parts of the country by protecting the environment of a place. Nepal’s rural villages also have a strong base in the area of tourism due to its tradition, lifestyle and finally unspoiled culture. This is the thing which we can market in the present world using an innovative sequence as a tourism product. It will definitely bring some changes in the living style of people and eventually benefits the country by creating off-farm employment. 

Nepal is rich in a variety of cultures, religions, and traditions. As we have more than a hundred ethnic groups and more than ninety languages spoken in different parts of a country. In the law, all the ethnic groups with religious groups have equal rights in the present constitution. Let’s take an example of Sirubari which is the place located in the Syangja district located in west Nepal. This article is almost focused on a Sirubari Village. Sirubari is a village where different people like Damai, Kami,  Sarki, and Gurung communities castes people living in a unity form. In these places, most of the Gurung people are conducting those village related tourism activities than other castes of people. Those Gurung people mostly follow Buddhism religion and some people are also Hindu over there. So it is a fact that the Gurung people have higher economic status than other castes people. Due to the lack of employment opportunities, most of the young people were in a foreign country before. But when they started the village tourism activity these young people are also been committed to the activity of village tourism in Nepal. 

There are so many things as a part of tourism activity in Nepal. Village tourism is also a new tourism activity conducting in Nepal to experience a lot of things. Some of the things you could do and experience in village tourism in Nepal are described below. 

Eating food what they cook

This also one of the interesting things you get to know about by eating the food that houses made to run their lives. You cannot get a chance to choose either you want to eat your special food. This is what you actually need to experience in village tourism. Food like Spanish, Gundruk, Dido, Tomato pickle, rice and other various things you get to experience when your interest in such tourism. Those food are hygienic and organic that they grow in their fields. You can even cook food and learn how to cook from the host. You can cook Rice, Daal, Curry, etc and so on. You can get the new tastes of food made by the local items. They even made local wine which so stunning and recommend you to taste once in life. 

Experience farming

Nepal is an agricultural country and farming is so much important. If they don’t grow any crops in the fields then their life will be so much difficult. You can experience farming by planting crops in the fields exactly how the villagers grow it? Planting grains like paddy. Millet, sugarcane, Spanish, etc. You can experience cutting the grass for the animals. you can use” Doko” which is a bucket type thing made by the bamboo plant. It looks so amazing when it is made in a bucket shape. You can graze cattle or domesticated animals in the fields. It also may be your wonderful experience in life. In the village, people use ox for farming you can even experience that too. 

Enjoy different activity in rivers/pond/streams

Nepal is rich in water resources and you can conduct different activities in the water as a part of village tourism in Nepal. You can do canoeing in the fast-flowing water from mountain, You can swim in the rivers, ponds made in the mountain region. You can even get a chance to do boating over in a cinematic natural environment. You can even fetch water walking distance from the house with the villagers while you are staying with the hosts. It will be a memorable event for you, actually. You will be amazed to see the various lakes in such heights from sea level in villages in the hilly region of the country. But in terai most of the time we can see rivers flowing. 

Feel the significance of Nature

Enjoy the fullest nature of village tourism. This could be an amazing opportunity for the tourist to get to experience nature and its various significance. This country consists of thousands of animals and birds. You can see amazing animals, birds watching in the forests of the village. Birds can be watched through your naked eyes because in villages it’s so easy to see different birds home near the houses. You can even get a chance to know about different medicinal herbs in those areas. Every morning we can hear birds singing and start to fly for amazing days searching for food for their babies. 

Experience the different ethnic group, culture, and traditions

This will be so much different for you because in the context of the village of Nepal people follows a different religion, they are also from different castes ethnic group and with various traditions. You can experience how they pray their gods and is the ‘God’ meaning for them. You can even feel the culture with them by wearing the dress of the related culture and traditions. They celebrate so many festivals in a year with various aims in their life. The total respect for each and every religion and also be a part of their happiness. This is off course Nepal is a poor economic country and we are overwhelmed that we are eventually rich in our culture, ethnic group, traditions, etc.

Experience dance and music

We have created many songs according to our religion and cultures. It is something which is mostly related to our emotion. This is actually what you can understand by the nature of music. You can also sing your song and the villages will definately support you. You will get the chance to enjoy every moment by singing and dancing. You can experience dholak, modal, and many historical Baja in this country which has so much important in this modern days. We do not have so much rocking, Jazz music but we have soothing music with made accordingly. this what you get a chance to experience during village tourism.     

Listen to the Story of Each member of the family

We Nepalese are so much interested in sharing our real stories of life including happiness, sadness, and emotions with others. This helps people to connect with us very easily. This is absolutely a fact that each of our people suffers from many things in life. Sometimes there is a lack of money at home so that they cannot give education to their children and even not get to good food every day. In spite of those things, they are even stronger and happy. This is also the thing you can experience while doing your village tourism activity. 

Those above mentions are the things how people are running their life in the village. You will get so much knowledge when you spent some time with these people. You also learn about the meaning of life after such activity in Nepal. Once you visit and experience such activity in Nepal you will not easily return back to your country because you will be emotionally attached with them. As we are rich in culture, Religion, Ethnic groups and we are also rich in our hearts even what we have in present. This is completely a different type of tourism which running in Nepal. These programs are also so demanding nowadays that’s why we realize to make such a product because people could actually connect easily with each other and gey chance to experience some hidden things in tourism in Nepal.