Everest base camp trek is the amazing and popular trek in Nepal. This region is full of stunning environments and natural forms like exotic culture, originality of landscape, and the adventurous high elevation trek that is most-awaited and challenging in Nepal. This trek may be glorious and you can also do a solo to the Everest base camp and make a life awaited experience in the highest inlays on the planet.

The trekking in Nepal in the various routes of Everest base camp trek will lead you to the well made with wonderful facilities on the trekking trail. Everest camp trek cannot need a guide and it is mandatory to make a hire a certain guide during the time of trekking. In the same way, we request you to hire a guide for your own safety and healthy trek to EBC.


Trekking in the region of Everest is mentally and physically more challenging for any kind of trekker in Nepal.  Hiring an experienced guide will help you and make you make more extra comfort and less stress-free in the Everest region. This is the main thing that is compulsorily needed for the trek in Nepal. We can also say that guides are the soul of the tourism industry. A facilitator for the overall information about the trekking routes and trails in any Himalayas region of Nepal. 

They will help you to navigate the trail during the Everest region route leading. They will also take you to care about the daily safety and security making in the trip as a first responder at the time of emergency. hiring the guide and porter in the Everest region is alike as Everest Three passes trek and Everest view trek. These treks are also the most amazing trek and hiring the guide is the same e process for this trek in Nepal. 

Tips for Hiring a Guide

  • Try to know your guide well. Building trust and a friendly relationship is necessary as you will be together for two weeks.
  • Ensure that your guides and porters are license holders and are covered by insurance policies.
  • Make sure you hire an experienced guide. Booking with us will guarantee that you will find one of the finest from the industry.
  • Make sure you will not have the language barrier. Let us know your language preferences and we will find you someone who speaks your language.
  • Do not accept children and underaged guides.

Why Hiring a Guide is important for Everest base camp trek?

There are some of the most compelling reasons to hire an experienced guide for EBC trek to the region. Some of the main reasons to go through the trail in this region. 


Safe and Informed Trekking

In spite of trekking to the well-marked form of the trail, most of the trekkers will go for missing every time every year in a country. Trekkers are not been fully known about the sickness in the altitude region. They must be informed about the altitude sickness and various other health problems during the time of trekking in the Everest region. Guides or maybe porter help to diagnose with the symptoms of altitude sickness. In the same way, they will also help us with the acclimatization. Guides are also talking and walking nature like a kind of book including the lots of knowledge about the routes, culture, traditions and social norms and values of the community.

They are already known about the hidden places, treasures, locations this is what you should not even miss while you are trekking any region in Nepal. They may be your storyteller and someone like the internet when you start searching or asking about anything related to these areas then you will immediately be facilitated with all kinds of information. This is the place easy to miss more and more after completing the whole trek on the trekking regions in Nepal. They will also help you by narrating the folklore, magical stories, and myths of the tallest or largest Himalayas in Nepal. The guides always help you to get knowledge and also refer your ideas with the local people and help you while interacting with the people at the trekking areas. They can connect or interpret with the community [people for the amazing traditions and cultural experiences in these areas.

Familiarity with the Geography

Guides with a good experience can easily find out the terrain trail and well known about the path to excess the region. They are well known about each and every path or corner if the trail. You will be asking about the different names of the Himalayas on the front side of yourself, they may not tell you the name but provide you a facilitate facts about the region of a country. They will also tell you about the variety of things and places with its important features during your trek. 

The local guide is already guided with a variety of knowledge regarding the trail and local climatic condition and also help you while catching the most cinematic photographs and views. They are also well known about the accommodation and teahouses which will provide the best quality and delicious food and water. This is why it will help you to maintain proper health and hygiene. Guides are like your friend’s siblings and connected with you to make your trip full of happiness, knowledgeable and wonderful during the time of trekking in the remote places of a country.

On-Trek Services

At the peak season in the Everest base camp trek, we can see the region more crowded and do a more comfortable trek to this trail. If you do go for the advance booking then you will get more opportunities to get the best amongst lodges and rooms including teahouses. The guides will, unfortunately, help you find the best places to make your stay more easy and comfortable. They will also help you during the time of testing new flavors in the region like local recipes and delicacies. 


In the same way, guides will be helping you by arranging the required vehicle to and from the destination or trailheads. Always let them know your interest in any kind of thing then they will easily assist with it. They will help you to find a hotel and any requirements as per your requirements even in the peak season. They also help you to arrange the trekking permit and help you while checking at the entry ports. 


Whom to Hire – a Guide, Porter or Both?


There may be the question of whether you should hire a guide or a porter guide for EBC trek. At the same time, we can say that you should definitely need one to reduce the obstacles for the trek. Hiring a guide or a porter always depends on your belongings and weight of required goods that need to be taken to the Everest base camp trek. If the condition comes with you to carry only lightweight backpacking it will be comfortable for you and does not need any porter guide to carry it. At the same time, you carry a heavy load that you only cannot carry to the EBC trek then we recommend hiring one porter. 


If your guide is your friend then it will be enough for you. Guides are the information provided so that they will not carry any kind of your backpack. In the same way, they can also help when needed at trekking.


A guide is the most essential part of trekking and other tourism activities who help us to navigate the path leading our destination. This is a person who is a guide but more than this who does a lot of activities. We can also say guide as a leader of the tourists or trekker, a rescuer, and a friend. If there is any problem regarding the altitude sickness they will definitely look after and moreover care for you while trekking to Everest base camp trek. They will probably make our trip full of fun, comfortable and enjoyable. 



Talking about the porter, they are the individual people who help tourists by carrying their backpacks and required gear while trekking the Everest region. They are strong people who can easily carry heavy loads or weights for a long time. You should also carry the most important backpacks with all types of essential belongings in Trek. In the altitude region when you do not carry any loads then there will be some problem of less fatigued. To avoid such kinds of fatigue and when you start reducing it there will be a lesser risk of altitude sickness. The lighter you will be carrying the more you will enjoy the moment of your trek in Everest base camp trek.

Porters are usually connected by the agency and taken from the local areas in Nepal. They are the most hard-working people in our tourism industry. They are also used to with a little bit of basic English and acting as your trek crew. There are some ranges where porters only used to carry it ranges from 20 to 3o kg. 


Cost of Hiring a Guide

Lets comparing the various parts of the planet hiring porters or professional guides in a country like Nepal is inexpensive. Talking about the rate or the cost that can be made in the Everest base camp trek varies from USD30 to 35$ each day. In the same way, porter guides cost about USD 20 to 30 $ per day. 

The costs include:

  • Daily wages of guides and porters
  • Insurance of guides and porters
  • Meal and accommodation
  • Any transportation costs including domestic flight (if necessary)
  • Related government taxes and service charges

The cost does not include:

  • Tips for guides and porters

Everest base camp trek is an amazing trek so that you should hire a porter and guide for the easy excess in Everest region. You can also contact us for all the queries about hiring a guide or a porter in this trek. We will definitely help you as much as we can to meet all your expectations.